Origin and migration of the Alpine Iceman.

  title={Origin and migration of the Alpine Iceman.},
  author={Wolfgang M{\"u}ller and Henry C. Fricke and Alex N. Halliday and Malcolm T McCulloch and Jo-Anne Wartho},
  volume={302 5646},
The Alpine Iceman provides a unique window into the Neolithic-Copper Age of Europe. We compared the radiogenic (strontium and lead) and stable (oxygen and carbon) isotope composition of the Iceman's teeth and bones, as well as 40Ar/39Ar mica ages from his intestine, to local geology and hydrology, and we inferred his habitat and range from childhood to adult life. The Iceman's origin can be restricted to a few valleys within approximately 60 kilometers south(east) of the discovery site. His… CONTINUE READING