Origin and Anatomy of Tubers of Dioscorea floribunda and D. spiculiflora

  title={Origin and Anatomy of Tubers of Dioscorea floribunda and D. spiculiflora},
  author={F. W. Martin and S. Ortiz},
  journal={Botanical Gazette},
  pages={416 - 421}
  • F. W. Martin, S. Ortiz
  • Published 1963
  • Biology
  • Botanical Gazette
  • 1. The tubers of Dioscorea floribunda Mart. & Gal. and D. spiculiflora Hemsl. arise from a ventral bulge between the first shoot and true root of the seedling. This bulge results from meristematic activity of the ground meristem.2. Primary growth of the tuber is by multiplication and thickening of the primary thickening meristem and by differentiation of the cells so produced. 3. The tissues of the tuber arising directly from the ground meristem are the storage parenchyma, its enclosed bundles… CONTINUE READING
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