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Origami-inspired soft twisting actuator

  title={Origami-inspired soft twisting actuator},
  author={Diancheng Li and Dongliang Fan and Renjie Zhu and Qiaozhi Lei and Yuxuan Liao and Xin Yang and Yang Pan and Zheng Wang and Yang Wu and Sicong Liu and Hongqiang Wang},
Soft actuators have shown great advantages in compliance and morphology matched for manipulation of delicate objects and inspection in a confined space. There is an unmet need for a soft actuator that can provide torsional motion to e.g. enlarge working space and increase degrees of freedom. Towards this goal, we present origami-inspired soft pneumatic actuators (OSPAs) made from silicone. The prototype can output a rotation of more than one revolution (up to 435°), larger than previous… 

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