Orientational changes of troponin C associated with thin filament activation.

  title={Orientational changes of troponin C associated with thin filament activation.},
  author={H. C. Li and Piotr G. Fajer},
  volume={33 47},
We have used electron paramagnetic resonance to describe the orientational changes of troponin C (TnC) accompanying muscle activation by Ca2+. Rabbit skeletal TnC was labeled with maleimide spin label (MSL) at Cys-98 and reconstituted into an oriented skinned muscle fiber. About 70% of endogenous troponin C was replaced with labeled TnC, with a concomitant recovery of 80-90% of muscle tension. The nanosecond domain mobility present in solution, as determined from the EPR spectra of randomized… CONTINUE READING


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J. Leszyk, J. H. Collins, P. C. Leavis, T. Tao

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