Orientation-dependent strong-field dissociative single ionization of CO.

  title={Orientation-dependent strong-field dissociative single ionization of CO.},
  author={Qiying Song and Zhi-chao Li and Hui Li and Peifen Lu and Xiaochun Gong and Qinying Ji and Kang Lin and Wenbin Zhang and Junyang Ma and Heping Zeng and Feng He and Jian Wu},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={25 3},
The dissociative ionization of CO in orthogonally polarized femtosecond laser pulses are studied in a pump-probe scheme. The ionization of CO by the pump pulse and the dissociation of the created CO+ by the probe pulse can be fully disentangled by identifying the photoelectron momentum distributions. Different from the dissociative ionization by a single… CONTINUE READING