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Organs without Bodies: Deleuze and Consequences

  title={Organs without Bodies: Deleuze and Consequences},
  author={S. Žižek},
Introduction Deleuze 1. Deleuze The Reality of the Virtual Becoming versus History "Becoming-Machine" Un jour, peut-etre, le siecle sera empiriomoniste? Quasi Cause Is It Possible Not to Love Spinoza? Kant, Hegel Hegel 1: Taking Deleuze from Behind Hegel 2: From Epistemology to Ontology.and back Hegel 3: the Minimal Difference The Torsion of Meaning A Comic Hegelian Interlude: Dumb and Dumber Toward an Oedipal Deleuze Phallus Fantasy RIS On the Permanent Actuality for Revolutionary Cultural… Expand