Organophosphorus pesticides residues in Italian raw milk.

  title={Organophosphorus pesticides residues in Italian raw milk.},
  author={Giampiero Pagliuca and Andrea Serraino and Teresa Gazzotti and Elisa Zironi and Andr{\'e}a C T Borsari and Roberto Rosmini},
  journal={The Journal of dairy research},
  volume={73 3},
Organophosphorus pesticides (OPPs), widely used in agriculture, can cause toxic effects to humans and animals. The main purpose of the present work was to determine the contamination in raw milk by the main organophosphorus pesticides used in Italy and to evaluate the opportunity to start specific procedures of risk management along the milk production chain. The samples, collected in 4 Italian dairy plants directly from the tank trucks during the delivering, were representative of 920 tonnes… CONTINUE READING


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