Organophosphate skin decontamination using immobilized enzymes.

  title={Organophosphate skin decontamination using immobilized enzymes.},
  author={Richard K. Gordon and Shawn R. Feaster and Alan J. Russell and K E Lejeune and Donald Maxwell and David Lenz and Mark Ross and Bhupendra P. Doctor},
  journal={Chemico-biological interactions},
We previously demonstrated that a combination of cholinesterase (ChE) pre-treatment with an oxime is an effective measure against soman and sarin. We describe here a novel approach for the preparation of covalently linked ChEs which are immobilized to a polyurethane matrix. Such preparation of ChE-sponges enhances the stability and usefulness of the enzymes in non-physiological environments. The ChE-sponges, which can be molded to any form, can effectively be used to remove and decontaminate… CONTINUE READING