Organizing resilience as adaptive-transformational tensions

  title={Organizing resilience as adaptive-transformational tensions},
  author={Patrice M. Buzzanell},
  journal={Journal of Applied Communication Research},
  pages={14 - 18}
  • P. Buzzanell
  • Published 2018
  • Sociology
  • Journal of Applied Communication Research
In organizational communication, resilience encompasses the processes by which individuals and organizations reintegrate and foster productive change during and after career setbacks, material and personnel losses, disasters, or other obstacles (Buzzanell, 2010). These disruptions might include: deaths of C-Suite or other members; infrastructural destruction and relational instabilities in the aftermath of hurricanes or wildfires; toxic workplace interactions; failed entrepreneurial ventures… Expand
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The Input-Process-Output framework is adopted to examine the impact of diversity attributes (the input) on communication (the process) and their influence on performance (the outcome), to understandExpand
Paradoxical Timelines in Wells Fargo’s Crisis Discourse: Expanding the Discourse of Renewal Theory
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Communicative Reconstruction of Resilience Labor: Identity/Identification in Disaster-Relief Workers
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