Organizational effects of oxytocin on serotonin innervation.

  title={Organizational effects of oxytocin on serotonin innervation.},
  author={Jennifer L. Eaton and Laura E Roache and Khanhbao N Nguyen and Bruce S. Cushing and Emma Troyer and Eros A. Papademetriou and Mary Ann Raghanti},
  journal={Developmental psychobiology},
  volume={54 1},
Oxytocin (OT) has an organizational effect within the central nervous system and can have long-lasting effects on the expression of social behavior. OT has recently been implicated in modulating the release of serotonin through activation of receptors in the raphe nuclei. Here we test the hypothesis that OT can have an organizational effect on the serotonergic system. Male prairie voles received an intraperitoneal injection on postnatal day 1 with 3.0 or .3 µg OT, an OT antagonist, or a saline… CONTINUE READING