Organizational Conflicts: Causes, Effects and Remedies

  title={Organizational Conflicts: Causes, Effects and Remedies},
  author={Bernard Oladosu Omisore and Ashimi Rashidat Abiodun},
  journal={International Journal of Academic Research in Economics and Management Sciences},
This paper examines the causes, effects and remedies of organizational conflict. What are the things that lead to conflicts in organizations? The study found out that like other terms, conflict generates considerable ambivalence and leaves many scholars and administrators quite uncertain about (1) its meaning and relevance; and (2) how best to cope with it. Conflicts are inevitable in human life. It is also inevitable in organizations or even between nations. Conflict is an inseparable aspect… 

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This study adopted Review Research Design with a qualitative style in data collection of knowledge and opinions gathering from various scholars, including personal experiences of the author to


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