Organization of satellite DNA in the genome of Trypanosoma cruzi.

  title={Organization of satellite DNA in the genome of Trypanosoma cruzi.},
  author={Maria Carolina Elias and Nancy S Vargas and Bianca Zingales and Sergio Schenkman},
  journal={Molecular and biochemical parasitology},
  volume={129 1},
Trypanosoma cruzi has about 10(5) copies of a 195 bp repeat, called satellite DNA, which correspond to about 10% of the total DNA. Since very little is known about satellite distribution and function in this and in many other organisms, we studied the genomic organization of satellite DNA in T. cruzi Y, CL Brener, and Silvio X10 cl1 strains. We found that satellite repeats are present in some, but not all, chromosomes in these strains. We also found that the copy number of the satellite repeats… CONTINUE READING
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