Organization of long range transport of air pollution monitoring in Europe

  title={Organization of long range transport of air pollution monitoring in Europe},
  author={Brynjulf Ottar},
  journal={Water, Air, and Soil Pollution},
  • B. Ottar
  • Published 1 June 1976
  • Environmental Science
  • Water, Air, and Soil Pollution
In the 1950s a network of stations for observation of the chemical composition of air and precipitation was established in Europe. Analyzing these data, Oden (1968) was able to show that a central area in Europe with highly acid precipitation was expanding from year to year. This was further substantiated by Granat (1972), and the explanation is the increasing use of fossil fuels in Europe. In 1969, the problem was examined by OECD, and on the initiative of the Scandinavian countries, a joint… 
Effects of varying air trajectories on spatial and temporal precipitation chemistry patterns
This study was designed to determine if judicious use of synoptic data and an operational trajectory model could identify probable source regions of anthropogenic pollutants in northeastern United
Détente from the Air: Monitoring Air Pollution during the Cold War
It is proposed that environmental monitoring systems like EMEP reveal the ways in which observational technologies can affect conceptions of the natural world and the role of science in public policy.
The Black Triangle Area—Fit for Europe?
It can be estimated, that the remaining air pollution problems in the Black Triangle area are more or less the same as in the other EU-countries and can be solved only by joint efforts.
Estimates of Economic Loss of Materials Caused by Acid Deposition in China
China is facing severe acid deposition. Acid deposition can cause economic loss, corrosion, and damage to materials, and the reduction of material life span. In this study, the administrative areas
Analysis of Acid Rain Distribution and Variation Trend in Hebei Province
Acid rain is one of the important atmospheric and environmental problems in Hebei province. Based on the data from 20 observation stations during 2005 to 2014, we investigate the distribution and
Spatial and temporal distribution Characteristic of China acid rain and its harm
The acid rain in its natural environment, industrial and agricultural production and human health in serious harm, by the various national attentions, has become a worldwide environmental problem.
Lichens as a useful mapping tool?—an approach to assess atmospheric N loads in Germany by total N content and stable isotope signature
Based on the N concentrations and the δ15N ratios of lichens, different landscape categories and coupled N deposition rates could be inferred for different regions of Germany, and a direct relationship was found between lichen chemistry and N compounds produced from agricultural activity.


Measurement of acid precipitation in Norway
Since January 1972, chemical analysis of daily precipitation samples from about 20 background stations in Norway has been carried out on a routine basis. Air monitoring is carried out at six
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Some thoughts of a past president of the International Commission for Optics that were first published in the ICO Newsletter for February are reprinted.
Heavy metals pollute nature, may reduce productivity
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