Organization of DNA sequences highly repeated in tandem in rice genomes.

  title={Organization of DNA sequences highly repeated in tandem in rice genomes.},
  author={Hisako Ohtsubo and Makoto Umeda and Eiichi Ohtsubo},
  journal={Idengaku zasshi},
  volume={66 3},
Digestion of the total genomic DNA from rice Oryza sativa L. cv. C5924 with EcoRI generated an intense band of a DNA fragment of about 0.36 kb long. The DNA fragment cloned into pUC19 was used to hybridize with the total rice genomic DNA partially digested with EcoRI. A ladder of bands of DNA fragments with multiplied length of 0.36 kb was observed, demonstrating that this sequence occurs in tandem in the genome. The copy number of the sequence estimated by dot blot hybridization analysis was… CONTINUE READING



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