Organization and receptive fields of primate spinothalamic tract neurons.

  title={Organization and receptive fields of primate spinothalamic tract neurons.},
  author={A E Applebaum and J E Beall and Robert D. Foreman and William D. Willis},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={38 3},
A technique is described for recording from axons belonging to the spinothalamic tract of the monkey. The axons arose from cell bodies located within the spinal cord since the latency of orthodromic activation by afferents within the dorsal funiculus was short. The axons were antidromically activated from the ipsilateral diencephalon. The spectrum of conduction velocities indicates that the recordings favored large-diamter axons. However, all of the classes of spinothalamic tract units… CONTINUE READING


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