Organization, Gender and Culture

  title={Organization, Gender and Culture},
  author={Albert J. Mills},
  journal={Organization Studies},
  pages={351 - 369}
  • A. Mills
  • Published 1 July 1988
  • Business, Sociology
  • Organization Studies
Gender concerns have been almost totally ignored within organizational analysis. This paper attempts to redress that ignorance. It has four related tasks: (1) to illustrate examples of gender-blind approaches to the study of organizations; (2), by way of a selective review of the organizations and culture debate, to argue for the utility of an organizational culture focus for an understanding of gender; (3), to root an organizational culture focus, along with gender concerns, within a feminist… 
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Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the International Communication Association/Speech Communication Association Conference on Interpretive Approaches to Organizational Communication,
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Revision of a paper presented at the Sixty-eighth Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, New York, N.Y., August, 1973. I gratefully acknowledge comments on earlier drafts of this