Organic solutes in fluid absorption by renal proximal convoluted tubules.

  title={Organic solutes in fluid absorption by renal proximal convoluted tubules.},
  author={Maurice Burg and Clifford S. Patlak and Norman Green and D Villey},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={231 2},
Proximal convoluted tubules were dissected from rabbit kidneys and perfused with artificial solutions in vitro. The effect of various organic solutes on rate of fluid absorption and transepithelial voltage was tested by removing solutes from or adding them to perfusate and/or bath. Omission of albumin from the bath caused rate of fluid absorption to descrease 33% without any change in voltage. Omission of glucose, lactate, alanine, and citrate from the bath had no effect. In contrast, when they… CONTINUE READING

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