Organic matter in Bolivian tributaries of the Amazon River: A comparison to the lower mainstream

  title={Organic matter in Bolivian tributaries of the Amazon River: A comparison to the lower mainstream},
  author={John I. Hedges and Emilio Mayorga and Elizabeth Tsamakis and Michael E. McClain and Anthony K. Aufdenkampe and Paul D. Quay and Jeffrey E. Richey and Ronald Benner and Stephen P. Opsahl and B. Black and Tania Pena Pimentel and Jorge Quintanilla and Laurence Maurice},
  journal={Limnology and Oceanography},
We determined the concentrations and compositions of coarse particulate (>63 µm), fine particulate (0.1–63 µm), and dissolved (0.001–0.1 µm) organic matter collected along a river reach extending from a first‐order stream in the Bolivian Andes, through the Beni River system, to the lower Madeira and Amazon Rivers. Dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations increased down the total reach from ~80 to 350 µM. The percentage of total DOC with a molecular weight greater than ~1,000 atomic mass… 

Seasonal variability in the sources of particulate organic matter of the Mekong River as discerned by elemental and lignin analyses

[1] The Mekong River ranks within the top ten rivers of the world in terms of water discharge and sediment load to the ocean, yet its organic matter (OM) composition remains unstudied. This river is


We investigated the forms and composition of dissolved and particulate organic matter in rivers of the Ji-Parana Basin, which is situated at the southern limit of the Amazon lowlands and has

Seasonal and spatial variability of dissolved organic matter composition in the lower Amazon River

We analyzed the molecular composition of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the lower Amazon River (ca. 850 km from Óbidos to the mouth) using ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry and geochemical

Dynamics of dissolved and particulate organic carbon in a saline and semiarid stream of southeast Spain (Chicamo stream)

Annual variations in the concentration of dissolved (DOC) and particulate organic carbon (CPOC = Coarse; FPOC = Fine; UPOC = Ultrafine) were studied in a 100 m-reach of the Chicamo stream, an

Origins, seasonality, and fluxes of organic matter in the Congo River

The Congo River in central Africa represents a major source of organic matter (OM) to the Atlantic Ocean. This study examined elemental (%OC, %N, and C:N), stable isotopic (δ13C and δ15N), and



Biogeochemistry of carbon in the Amazon River

Depth-integrated, discharge-weighted water samples were collected over 1,800km ofthe Amazon River on eight cruises at different stages of the hydrograph, 1982-1984. Fine (FPOC, 163 pm) and coarse

Origins and processing of organic matter in the Amazon River as indicated by carbohydrates and amino acids

Aldose, amino acid, and elemental compositions were determined for flux-weighted samples of coarse (> 63 pm) and fine ( 1,000 Daltons) dissolved organic matter collected at three sites along the

Loss of organic matter from riverine particles in deltas

Dissolved organic matter and terrestrial‐lotic linkages in the Central Amazon Basin of Brazil

We evaluate the hypothesis that decomposition and adsorption reactions operating in upland soils of headwater catchments control the concentration and composition of dissolved and fine particulate

Carbon dynamics and sources in the Parani River

The Parana River was sampled and analyzed for carbon and mineral concentrations at the ParanaSanta Fe (Argentina) cross-section (-600 km above the mouth) between March 198 1 and November 1984. Within

Water Discharge and Suspended Sediment Concentrations in the Amazon River: 1982–1984

An equal-width-increment procedure was developed to measure water discharge and the suspended sediment load of the Amazon River and its principal tributaries. A variable speed hydraulic winch deploys

Dissolved humic substances of the Amazon River system1

Aquatic humic and fulvic acids from nine mainstem and seven major tributary sites in the Amazon River Basin are characterized by their elemental and lignin phenol compositions. Combined humic

The geochemistry of river particulates from the continental USA: major elements.

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