Organic-inorganic composites based on cyclotriphosphazene-cross-linked PHEMA networks

  title={Organic-inorganic composites based on cyclotriphosphazene-cross-linked PHEMA networks},
  author={Darinka Christova and Snejana D. Ivanova and Roumania Velichkova and Pavleta Tzvetkova and Paraskeva Mihailova and I. Uzunov and Lyuben Lakov and O. Peshev},
Allyl-functionalized cyclotriphosphazenes (CPs) have been synthesized, characterized, and applied as cross-linking agents in the radical polymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA). The effect of the number of allylic substituents in the CP ring, as well as the reaction conditions, on the density of the resulting polymer network, its swelling behaviour, and metal ion sorption capacity has been studied. New organic-inorganic composites were prepared by in situ precipitation of silica… CONTINUE READING