Organic donor / acceptor heterojunction photovoltaic devices based on zinc phthalocyanine and a liquid crystalline perylene diimide

  title={Organic donor / acceptor heterojunction photovoltaic devices based on zinc phthalocyanine and a liquid crystalline perylene diimide},
  author={Jung Yong Kim and Allen J Bard},
An organic photovoltaic cell was fabricated, with the configuration ITO/zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPc)/N,N0-diheptyl-3,4,9,10perylenebiscarboximide (PTCDI-C7) (PTCDI)/Ga:In. PTCDI is a liquid crystal and acts as an electron acceptor organic material while ZnPc corresponds to a donor. The cell performance under illumination was examined with different organic layer thickness. A cell incorporating 25 nm thick organic layers showed a short circuit photocurrent (ISC) of 1.6 mA/cm, an open circuit… CONTINUE READING


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