Organic blockers escape from trapping in the AMPA receptor channels by leaking into the cytoplasm

  title={Organic blockers escape from trapping in the AMPA receptor channels by leaking into the cytoplasm},
  author={T. Tikhonova and O. I. Barygin and V. Gmiro and D. Tikhonov and L. Magazanik},
  • T. Tikhonova, O. I. Barygin, +2 authors L. Magazanik
  • Published 2008
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Neuropharmacology
  • The voltage-dependent block of AMPA receptor (AMPAR) channels by a series of dicationic compounds was studied on native GluR2-lacking receptors of striatal giant interneurons isolated from rat brain slices. The dicationic derivatives of adamantane, dimethyladamantane, diphenyl, and phenylcyclohexyl were used. Voltage dependence of the blockade and of the unblocking rate suggests that the compounds permeate the open AMPAR channels. The permeation of adamantane derivatives was demonstrated… CONTINUE READING
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