Organic and inorganic selenium: I. Oral bioavailability in ewes.

  title={Organic and inorganic selenium: I. Oral bioavailability in ewes.},
  author={Jean A Hall and Robert J Van Saun and Gerd Bobe and Whitney C. Stewart and William R. Vorachek and Wayne D. Mosher and Tom E. Nichols and Neil E. Forsberg and Gene J. Pirelli},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={90 2},
Although the essentiality of dietary Se for sheep has been known for decades, the chemical source and Se dosage for optimal health remain unclear. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates Se supplementation, regardless of the source of Se, at 0.3 mg of Se/kg of diet (as fed), which is equivalent to 0.7 mg of Se/d or 4.9 mg of Se/wk per sheep. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effects of Se source (inorganic vs. organic) and supplementation rate (FDA… CONTINUE READING


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