Organic Synthesis via Irradiation and Warming of Ice Grains in the Solar Nebula

  title={Organic Synthesis via Irradiation and Warming of Ice Grains in the Solar Nebula},
  author={F. Ciesla and S. Sandford},
  pages={452 - 454}
  • F. Ciesla, S. Sandford
  • Published 2012
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
  • Space Organics The origin of the organic compounds found in meteorites and interplanetary dust particles is a matter of debate. Laboratory experiments suggest that these organics were inherited from the interstellar medium and predate the existence of the solar system. By using particle-tracking models, Ciesla and Sandford (p. 452, published online 29 March; see the Perspective by Nuth and Johnson) explored the possibility that the organics could have been produced within the outer reaches of… CONTINUE READING
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