Organic Food and Farming in China

  title={Organic Food and Farming in China},
  author={Steffanie Scott and Zhenzhong Si and Theresa Schumilas and Aijuan Chen},

What makes a CSA a CSA: A framework for comparing community supported agriculture, with cases from Canada and China

In different parts of the world, community supported agriculture (CSA) has taken a variety of organizational forms, drawn on different ideologies, used a variety of land tenure arrangements, and

Stewed Chicken and Long-Nosed Kings: Tasting Troubled Plenty

ABSTRACT This ethnographic article examines conditions of material plenty in post-reform China from the perspective of staff and suppliers at a farm-to-table restaurant in Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Sustainable agrifood systems for a post-growth world

Sustainable agrifood systems are critical to averting climate-driven social and ecological disasters, overcoming the growth paradigm and redefining the interactions of humanity and nature in the

(Re)making a link: Country Fair and the Beijing Farmers’ Market: Emi Uemura, HomeShop artist

Go to the Beijing Farmers’ Market today, and you’ll see dozens of cheery booths set up around the open outdoor space in a high-end mall complex. People are thronging, stopping here and there to chat,

Perceived quality of traceability information and its effect on purchase intention towards organic food

ABSTRACT Emerging Internet of things (IoT) technologies are enhancing the value of traceability information in reshaping organic food consumption behaviours. However, the best ways to measure

‘I will know it when I taste it’: trust, food materialities and social media in Chinese alternative food networks

It is suggested that it is the careful construction of the aesthetic and multi-sensory qualities of food, which is often celebrated via social media, that human centred relations in Chinese AFNs are mediated, and that the key variable for establishing trust is satisfying the consumer's desire for safe food.

A large-scale public programme to promote organic rice farming in Thailand: building solid foundations to enable farmers to engage?

In the 2010s, governments of newly industrialised economies in Asia took a proactive stance in the promotion of organic farming. In 2017, the government of Thailand launched a 4-year programme aimed

Understanding the Regulation of Ecological Food in China: Regulatory Intermediation, Path Dependence and Legal Pluralism

Ensuring food safety and quality for ordinary people in China is a continuing challenge. Among the major responses to this challenge has been ecological food, which can be defined as the product of