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Organic Arsenicals in the Treatment of Simian Malaria

  title={Organic Arsenicals in the Treatment of Simian Malaria},
  author={B. M. Gupta and L. Siddons},
  journal={The Indian Medical Gazette},
  pages={99 - 101}
1 to 0.06 gm. of the drug. On the other Young and McLendon (1939) found that aPharsen. failed to eradicate the parasites in any one of 10 cases of induced quartan malaria (P. malaria;), though the symptoms were relieved; the viability of the parasites was not affected. Recently Lowe at the School of Tropical Medicine has been experimenting with arsenicals in the treatment of human malaria, and, as an extension of this work, trials have been made with mapharside (the British name for mapharsen… Expand