Organelle pH studies using targeted avidin and fluorescein-biotin.

  title={Organelle pH studies using targeted avidin and fluorescein-biotin.},
  author={Michael M. A. Wu and Juan A. Sanchis Llopis and Stephen R Adams and Jeanne M. McCaffery and Markku S. Kulomaa and Terry E. Machen and Harvey A. Moore and Roger Tsien},
  journal={Chemistry & biology},
  volume={7 3},
BACKGROUND Mammalian organelles of the secretory pathway are of differing pH. The pH values form a decreasing gradient: the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is nearly neutral, the Golgi is mildly acidic and the secretory granules are more acidic still ( approximately pH 5). The mechanisms that regulate pH in these organelles are still unknown. RESULTS Using a novel method, we tested whether differences in H(+) 'leak' and/or counterion conductances contributed to the pH difference between two… CONTINUE READING


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