Organ-specific requirements for Hdac1 in liver and pancreas formation

  title={Organ-specific requirements for Hdac1 in liver and pancreas formation},
  author={Emily S No{\"e}l and Antonio Casal-Sueiro and Elisabeth M Busch-Nentwich and Heather Verkade and P. Duc Si Dong and Derek L. Stemple and Elke A. Ober},
  booktitle={Developmental biology},
Liver, pancreas and lung originate from the presumptive foregut in temporal and spatial proximity. This requires precisely orchestrated transcriptional activation and repression of organ-specific gene expression within the same cell. Here, we show distinct roles for the chromatin remodelling factor and transcriptional repressor Histone deacetylase 1 (Hdac1) in endodermal organogenesis in zebrafish. Loss of Hdac1 causes defects in timely liver specification and in subsequent differentiation… CONTINUE READING
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