Organ- and age-specific replication of polyomavirus in mice.

  title={Organ- and age-specific replication of polyomavirus in mice.},
  author={Julia J. Wirth and Andrea Amalfitano and Roy Gross and Michael B A Oldstone and Michele M. Fluck},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={66 6},
A novel organ- and age-specific pattern of polyomavirus DNA replication in mice is described. Two broadly defined classes of response to polyomavirus infection were observed: class I organs (mammary gland, bone, and skin) responded with high levels of replication in neonate mice and moderate levels in adults; class II organs (kidney, liver, and lung) responded with high levels in neonates and very low levels in adults. Thus, aging affected replication in all organs, and organ specificity was… CONTINUE READING