Orexins/hypocretins regulate drinking behaviour.

  title={Orexins/hypocretins regulate drinking behaviour.},
  author={Kaiko Kunii and Akihiro Yamanaka and Tadahiro Nambu and Ichiyo Matsuzaki and Katsutoshi Goto and Takeshi Sakurai},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={842 1},
Orexin/hypocretins are recently identified neuropeptides which regulate feeding behaviour. We found orexins increased water intake when administrated intracerebroventricularly to rats. The effect of orexin-A was more potent as compared with orexin-B, suggesting the possible involvement of OX(1) receptor. The efficacy of orexin-A was almost comparable with that of angiotensin II, and the effect lasted more than 3 h. Prepro-orexin mRNA level was up-regulated when rats were deprived of water… CONTINUE READING
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