Orexin-A inputs onto visuomotor cell groups in the monkey brainstem.

  title={Orexin-A inputs onto visuomotor cell groups in the monkey brainstem.},
  author={S Schreyer and Jean B{\"u}ttner-Ennever and X Tang and Michael J. Mustari and Anja K. E. Horn},
  volume={164 2},
Orexin-A, synthesized by neurons of the lateral hypothalamus helps to maintain wakefulness through excitatory projections to nuclei involved in arousal. Obvious changes in eye movements, eyelid position and pupil reactions seen in the transition to sleep led to the investigation of orexin-A projections to visuomotor cell groups to determine whether direct pathways exist that may modify visuomotor behaviors during the sleep-wake cycle. Histological markers were used to define these specific… CONTINUE READING

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