Ordered size Ramsey number of paths

  title={Ordered size Ramsey number of paths},
  author={J. Balogh and Felix Christian Clemen and Emily Heath and M. Lavrov},
  journal={Discret. Appl. Math.},
An ordered graph is a simple graph with an ordering on its vertices. Define the ordered path $P_n$ to be the monotone increasing path with $n$ edges. The ordered size Ramsey number $\tilde{r}(P_r,P_s)$ is the minimum number $m$ for which there exists an ordered graph $H$ with $m$ edges such that every two-coloring of the edges of $H$ contains a red copy of $P_r$ or a blue copy of $P_s$. For $2\leq r\leq s$, we show $\frac{1}{8}r^2s\leq \tilde{r}(P_r,P_s)\leq Cr^2s(\log s)^3$, where $C>0$ is an… Expand
On edge-ordered Ramsey numbers
  • J. Fox, Ray Li
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Random Struct. Algorithms
  • 2020
It is proved that for every edge-ordered graph $H$ on $n$ vertices, the authors have $r_{edge}(H;q) \leq 2^{c^qn^{2q-2}\log^q n}$, where $c$ is an absolute constant. Expand
A Strengthening of the Erd\H{o}s-Szekeres Theorem
The Erdős-Szekeres Theorem stated in terms of graphs says that any red-blue coloring of the edges of the ordered complete graph $K_{rs+1}$ contains a red copy of the monotone increasing path with $r$Expand


On some Multicolor Ramsey Properties of Random Graphs
It is shown that $5n/2-15/2 \le \hat{R}(P_n) \le 74n$ for $n$ sufficiently large, which improves the previous lower bound and improves the upper bound. Expand
The oriented size Ramsey number of directed paths
This paper proves that the oriented size Ramsey number of the directed paths on $n$ vertices satisfies $r(P_n) = \Omega(n^2 \log n)$. Expand
Note on the Multicolour Size-Ramsey Number for Paths,
This short note gives an alternative proof of the recent result of Krivelevich that $\hat{R}(P_n,r) = O((\log r)r^2 n)$. Expand
An Alternative Proof of the Linearity of the Size-Ramsey Number of Paths
  • A. Dudek, P. Prałat
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
  • 2014
This note provides another proof of this fact that actually gives a better bound, namely, $\^{r} $(Pn) < 137n for n sufficiently large. Expand
The size Ramsey number of a directed path
Nearly tight bounds for every fixed number of colors are given, showing that for every q>=1 there are constants c"1=c"1(q),c"2 such that c" 1(q)n^2^q (logn)^1^/^q(loglogn). Expand
Path Ramsey Number for Random Graphs
  • Shoham Letzter
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
  • 2015
It is shown that if pn → ∞, w.h.p., whenever G = G(n, p) is 2-edge-coloured there is a monochromatic path of length (2/3 + o(1))n, which is optimal in the sense that 2/3 cannot be replaced by a larger constant. Expand
The Ramsey size number of dipaths
This paper proves that the Ramsey size number of a directed path is quadratic. Expand
On size Ramsey number of paths, trees, and circuits. I
  • J. Beck
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • J. Graph Theory
  • 1983
It is demonstrated that random graphs satisfy some interesting Ramsey type properties and are shown to be finite, simple and undirected graphs. Expand
A Probabilistic Proof of an Asymptotic Formula for the Number of Labelled Regular Graphs
The method determines the asymptotic distribution of the number of short cycles in graphs with a given degree sequence, and gives analogous formulae for hypergraphs. Expand
Explicit construction of linear sized tolerant networks
This paper constructs explicitly graphs with O(m/@e) vertices and maximum degree O(1/@ e^2), such that after removing any (1-@e%) portion of their vertices or edges, the remaining graph still contains a path of length m. Expand