Order parameter of MgB(2): a fully gapped superconductor.

  title={Order parameter of MgB(2): a fully gapped superconductor.},
  author={H. D. Yang and Jiao Y. Y. Lin and Hayley H. Li and F. H. Hsu and Chia Jui Liu and S. C. Li and Raymond C. Yu and Cheng-qiang Jin},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={87 16},
We have measured the low-temperature specific heat C(T) for polycrystalline MgB(2) prepared by high pressure synthesis. C(T) below 10 K vanishes exponentially, which unambiguously indicates a fully opened superconducting energy gap. However, this gap is found to be too small to account for T(c) of MgB(2). Together with the small specific heat jump Delta C/gamma(n)T(c) = 1.09, scenarios such as anisotropic s-wave or multicomponent order parameter are called for. The magnetic field dependence of… CONTINUE READING

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