Order Preservation in Limit Algebras

  title={Order Preservation in Limit Algebras},
  author={Allan P. Donsig and Alan Hopenwasser},
  • Allan P. Donsig, Alan Hopenwasser
  • Published 1994
where each Ai is a member of some class of finite dimensional algebras and each αi is an injective algebra homomorphism, possibly satisfying additional specified properties. Limit algebras have become an important source for many varied examples of norm-closed nonself-adjoint algebras [B,HL,HPo,MS2,MS3,PePW1,PePW2,PeW,PW,Po2,Po4,SV,T,V1]. The most restrictive non-self-adjoint context is for each Ai to be the algebra of uppertriangular ni by ni matrices for some sequence ni. A more general… CONTINUE READING