Order/Disorder Gradients of n-Alkanethiols on Gold

  title={Order/Disorder Gradients of n-Alkanethiols on Gold},
  author={Magnus Lestelius and Isak Engquist and Pentti Tengvall and Manoj K Chaudhury and Bo Liedberg},
This paper explores the interfacial properties of one-dimensional molecular gradients of alkanethiols (HS‐(CH2)n ‐ X) on gold. The kinetics and thermodynamics of monolayer formation are important issues for these types of mixed molecular assemblies. The influence of chain length difference on the contact angles with hexadecane (HD), ua and ur, and the hysteresis, has been studied by employing alkanethiols HS‐(CH2)n‐CH3, with n 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17, in the preparation of the self-assembled… CONTINUE READING