• Political Science
  • Published 2018

Ordenamiento educativo Kankuamo, la educación propia como estrategia de transformación social y fortalecimiento de la autonomía política indígena

  title={Ordenamiento educativo Kankuamo, la educaci{\'o}n propia como estrategia de transformaci{\'o}n social y fortalecimiento de la autonom{\'i}a pol{\'i}tica ind{\'i}gena},
  author={Leonardo Guevara Prieto},
The indigenous education in Colombia is not an affair that matters only to the communities; the advances and issues that are embraced by the politics of ethno-education are proof of that fact, as well as the living discussion about the intercultural conditions that can define us, or not, as a country. In a similar way, it does not represent an indistinct element in the development of indigenous people’s autonomy, specially with communities that have been strained by multiple forms of violence… CONTINUE READING