Orchestrating coordination in pluralistic networks

  title={Orchestrating coordination in pluralistic networks},
  author={Peter J. Denning and Fernando Flores and Peter Luzmore},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
Learning to build virtual teams of people of diverse backgrounds is an urgent challenge. 

Developing a Production System on IPD: Considerations for a Pluralistic Environment

Seeing an integrated team as a pluralistic network and focusing on principles of pluralistic coordination to align decisions and actions towards an established direction is suggested.

Pluralistic Coordination

Two questions are examined. Why is coordination hard to achieve when teams are diverse? Are there conditions under which players of MMOGs can learn skills of effective coordination and transfer these

Investigating Task Coordination in Globally Dispersed Teams: A Structural Contingency Perspective

It is found that the extent of fit between the actual IT-mediated task coordination portfolios used by the surveyed teams and their optimal portfolios proposed here is positively related to their task coordination effectiveness that in turn impacts the team's efficiency and effectiveness.

Network patterns and social architecture in Massively Multiplayer Online Games: Mapping the social world of EverQuest II

Analysis of network patterns revealed that the social architecture of the world was quite effective in shaping the structure of interaction, as the involvement in various social networks was influenced by class choice and character level.

Aggregating, Analyzing, and Diffusing Natural Disaster Information: A Research Framework

An initial research framework related to aggregating, assessing, and diffusing information relevant to a disaster, utilizing automated data mining tools and crowdsourcing to optimize the information evaluation process is presented.

Strategies for a Creative Future with Computer Science, Quality Design and Communicability

It is demonstrated how the principles of quality of software engineering are not universal since they are disappearing inside university training and the existence of plagiarism as a human factor that damages the future of communicability applied to the on-line and off-line contents of the open software.

A Systematic Review of Social Networking Research in Information Systems

A systematic review of publications about OSN published in major IS journals between January 2004 and August 2013 is conducted to provide an overview of the state of IS research regarding OSN and build a common nomenclature and taxonomy for this area of research.

Parallel Turing Machine, a Proposal

This paper examines the disappointing state of the work in parallel Turing machine models in the past 50 years of parallel computing research and presents an attempt to address this challenge by presenting a proposal of a Parallel Turing machine model.

Multi-core microprocessors

How and why these types of processors evolved are described and the basics of how multi-core microprocessors are programmed are described.

Multicore and Manycore: Hybrid Computing Architectures and Applications

This chapter presents an overview of the evolution of computer architecture, giving special attention on those advances which have promoted the current hybrid systems, and introduces upcoming advances in hybrid systems.



Hastily formed networks

The ability to form multi-organizational networks rapidly is crucial to humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and large urgent projects. Designing and implementing the network's conversation space is

Networks of Innovation

Glatter presents four ideal-type models of educational governance: competitive market (CM), school empowerment (SE), local empowerment (LE), and quality control (QC). He examines their implications


The stages identified in these articles are separated into those descriptive of social or interpersonal group activities a: therapy-group studies, T-groups studies, and natural- and laboratory- group studies.

Outliers: The Story of Success

Outliers: The Story of Success By Malcolm Gladwell Directions – As you read each chapter, highlight information in the book that relates to or helps to answer each question. Make sure you write your

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