Orbits of crystallographic embedding of non-crystallographic groups and applications to virology.

  title={Orbits of crystallographic embedding of non-crystallographic groups and applications to virology.},
  author={R. Twarock and Motiejus Valiunas and Emilio Zappa},
  journal={Acta crystallographica. Section A, Foundations and advances},
  volume={71 Pt 6},
The architecture of infinite structures with non-crystallographic symmetries can be modelled via aperiodic tilings, but a systematic construction method for finite structures with non-crystallographic symmetry at different radial levels is still lacking. This paper presents a group theoretical method for the construction of finite nested point sets with non-crystallographic symmetry. Akin to the construction of quasicrystals, a non-crystallographic group G is embedded into the point group P of… Expand
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