[Orbito-palpebral vascular pathology].


Orbito-palpebral vascular pathology represents 10% of all the diseases of this area. The lesion may be discovered during a brain CT scan or MRI, or because it causes clinical symptoms such as orbital mass, visual or oculomotor alteration, pain, proptosis, or acute bleeding due to a complication of the lesion (hemorrhage, thrombosis). We present these lesions using an anatomical, clinical, imaging and therapeutic approach. We distinguish four different entities. Vascular tumors have common imaging characteristics (hypersignal on T2 sequence, contrast enhancement, abnormal vascularization well depicted with ultrasound and Doppler, and possible bleeding). The main lesions are cavernous hemangiomas, the most frequent lesion of that type during adulthood; infantile hemangiomas, the most frequent vascular tumor in children; and more seldomly, hemangioperitcytomas. True vascular malformations are divided according to their flow. Low flow lesions are venous (orbital varix), capillarovenous or lymphatic (lymphangioma). High flow malformations, more rare, are either arteriovenous or arterial malformations (aneurisms). Complex malformations include both low and high flow elements. Lesions leading to modifications of the orbito-palpebral blood flow are mainly due to cavernous sinus abnormalities, either direct carotid-cavernous fistula affecting young adults after severe head trauma, or dural fistula, more insidious, found in older adults. The last section is devoted to congenital syndromic vascular malformations (Sturge-Weber, Rendu-Olser…). This classification allows for a better understanding of these pathologies and their specific imaging features.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jfo.2016.07.007

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