Orbital reflectometry of oxide heterostructures.

  title={Orbital reflectometry of oxide heterostructures.},
  author={Eva Benckiser and Maurits W. Haverkort and Sebastian Br{\"u}ck and Eberhard J. Goering and Sebastian Macke and Alex Fra{\~n}{\'o} and Xiaoping Yang and Ole Krogh Andersen and Georg Cristiani and Hanns-Ulrich Habermeier and Alexander V Boris and Ioannis Zegkinoglou and Peter Wochner and Hojong Kim and Vladimir Hinkov and Bernhard Keimer},
  journal={Nature materials},
  volume={10 3},
The occupation of d orbitals controls the magnitude and anisotropy of the inter-atomic electron transfer in transition-metal oxides and hence exerts a key influence on their chemical bonding and physical properties. Atomic-scale modulations of the orbital occupation at surfaces and interfaces are believed to be responsible for massive variations of the magnetic and transport properties, but could not thus far be probed in a quantitative manner. Here we show that it is possible to derive… CONTINUE READING
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