Orbital immunocytoma simulating Hodgkin‘s disease by mimicking Hodgkin- and Reed-Sternberg-like cells


Purpose. The present case report describes primaryorbital immunocytoma (IgM-≤) mimicking Hodgkin‘sdisease of the diffuse, lymphocyte predominance type byexpressing Hodgkin simulating cells as well asReed-Sternberg simulating cells (both: H-RScells). Patients and methods. The patient (87a; male)was admitted to hospital with increasing left upper eyelidprotrusion. Computed tomography revealed an unspecificaccumulation of soft tissue within the orbit. A biopsy wastaken. Light microscopical sections were stained with PAS, Giemsa andhaematoxylin-eosin. Immunohistochemistry was performedfollowing standard procedures. Results. By means oflight microscopy, Hodgkin‘s disease of the diffuse,lymphocyte predominance type was indicated.This initial diagnosis was mainly based onmorphological criteria, e.g. the presence of H-RS-like cells.Since staging work-up produced no evidence of systemicdisease, immunohistochemistry was performed. It revealedthat the misleading cells were H-RS simulating cells. Finally, the diagnosis made was thatof immunocytoma (IgM-≤); stage I EA. Conclusion.The diagnosis of Hodkin‘s disease of the diffuse, lymphocytepredominance type is normally based on morphologicalcriteria. However, in very rare cases immunocytomas simulate this variant ofHodgkin‘s disease by expressing misleading H-RS simulatingcells. Thus, immunohistochemical investigations shouldgenerally be included in the criteria for the diagnosis ofHodgkin‘s disease of the diffuse, lymphocyte predominance type. As far as we areaware, primary immunocytoma mimicking this variant ofHodgkin‘s disease within the orbit has never been reported.

DOI: 10.1023/A:1005893320516

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