Orbit and Mass of Pluto.

  title={Orbit and Mass of Pluto.},
  author={Ernest Clare Bower},
LICK Bulletin 437 contains an exhaustive study by Dr. E. C. Bower, of Pluto, the new planet discovered in 1930. All the prediscovery images have been utilised, except those obtained on Flagstaff plates in 1915. Reference is also made to a possible image on a Franklin-Adams plate taken in 1903. Mr. P. J. Melotte, who detected this image, now considers that it is too ill-defined and doubtful to use, in the absence of any confirming images in neighbouring years. The perturbations have been treated… 
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W. H. Pickering's Planetary Predictions and the Discovery of Pluto
His long and productive career in astronomy began in 1883 when he became associated with Harvard College Observatory, and for the next forty years he distinguished himself primarily by his pioneering investigations into the problems of astronomical "seeing" and by his studies of Mars, the other planets, and their satellites.