Oral white sponge naevus: response to antibiotic therapy.

  title={Oral white sponge naevus: response to antibiotic therapy.},
  author={P. J. Lamey and Andrew Bolas and S{\'e}amus S. Napier and Azmi Mohammad-Ghaleb Darwazeh and Douglas G. Macdonald},
  journal={Clinical and experimental dermatology},
  volume={23 2},
White sponge naevus is a rare benign inherited disorder of the mucous membranes, principally the oral mucosa. Although the condition is painless, patients are often symptomatic, complaining of an altered texture of the mucosa or that the lesions are unaesthetic. No standard treatment for the condition exists although numerous treatments have been tried. We now report on six patients who were prescribed systemic antibiotic therapy; three were adult men aged 24 years, 32 years, and 52 years, one… CONTINUE READING
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