Oral lymphangioma of the buccal mucosa a rare case report

  title={Oral lymphangioma of the buccal mucosa a rare case report},
  author={Saligrama Seema Yoganna and Rame Gowda Rajendra Prasad and Balakrishnan Sekar},
  booktitle={Journal of pharmacy & bioallied sciences},
The lymphangioma are benign hamartomatous tumors of lymphatic vessels that arises from the sequestration of lymphatic that fails to communicate with the lymphatic system. Most common intra oral site being the anterior two-thirds of tongue, usually superficial in location and demonstrates a pebbly surface that resembles a cluster of translucent vesicles, they are typically soft and fluctuant masses. Secondary hemorrhage into the lymphatic spaces may cause some of these vesicles to become purple… CONTINUE READING


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