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Oral health and periodontal status in Brazilian elderly.

  title={Oral health and periodontal status in Brazilian elderly.},
  author={Ant{\^o}nio Carlos Pereira and Roberto Augusto Castellanos and S R da Silva and Marl{\'i}via Gonçalves Carvalho Watanabe and D P Queluz and Marcelo de Castro Meneghim},
  journal={Brazilian dental journal},
  volume={7 2},
  • Antônio Carlos Pereira, Roberto Augusto Castellanos, +3 authors Marcelo de Castro Meneghim
  • Published in Brazilian dental journal 1996
  • Medicine
  • A total of 104 elderly persons between the ages of 60 and 89 were examined at the "Geraldo de Paula Sousa" Health Center, São Paulo, State of São Paulo. The state of their oral health was very poor, insofar as 4.29 (71.5%) of the sextants were shown to be null, while 0.12 and 0.13 sextants showed deep periodontal pockets > or = 6 mm in the ages from 60-70 and more than 70 years of age, respectively. The level of knowledge about periodontal disease and dental plaque was very deficient; only… CONTINUE READING

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