Oral contraception following abortion

  title={Oral contraception following abortion},
  author={Yan Che and Xiaoting Liu and Bin Zhang and Linan Cheng},
AbstractOral contraceptives (OCs) following induced abortion offer a reliable method to avoid repeated abortion. However, limited data exist supporting the effective use of OCs postabortion. We conducted this systematic review and meta-analysis in the present study reported immediate administration of OCs or combined OCs postabortion may reduce vaginal bleeding time and amount, shorten the menstruation recovery period, increase endometrial thickness 2 to 3 weeks after abortion, and reduce the… 
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Индивидуальный выбор гормонального контрацептивного средства
The presented review substantiates the algorithm for the individual selection of a hormonal drug depending on the clinical portrait of a woman in order to solve the problem of reliable and safe protection from pregnancy with preventive and therapeutic effects.


Oral contraceptive pill use and pelvic inflammatory disease.
PID is established as an entity with a significant health impact and sets the scene for discussing the putative protective effect or otherwise of oral contraceptives against PID.
Association between pelvic inflammatory disease and abortions.
Contraception following abortion and the treatment of incomplete abortion
Strategies for the prevention of unsafe abortion
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Predictive value of endometrial thickness, pattern and sub-endometrial blood flows on the day of hCG by 2D doppler in in-vitro fertilization cycles: A prospective clinical study from a tertiary care unit
With a thin endometrium (≤7 mm) and no-triple-line endometrial pattern coexisting in an in-vitro fertilization/intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF/ICSI) candidate, cryopreservation should be recommended.
Oral contraceptives and pelvic inflammatory disease.
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Morriston Davies in a very valuable paper on the " Functions of the Trigeminal Nerve," based partly on experimental evidence, and partly on the material afforded by fifty cases in which the Gasserian ganglion had been removed, brings forward the following evidence.
Clinical observation on effect of xuejie jiawei decoction on vaginal hemorrhagic amount and duration in patients after drug-abortion
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XJJWD could reduce the vaginal hemorrhagic amount and duration in patients after drug-abortion and should be applied early after abortion, the less the duration of menostasis, the more effective the treatment.