Oral cenesthopathy examined by Rorschach test.

  title={Oral cenesthopathy examined by Rorschach test.},
  author={Fusae Honma and Mahito Kimura and Shunkichi Endo and Mitsuhiro Ohtsu and Tomoo Okada and Tazuko Satoh},
  journal={Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences},
  volume={60 2},
Experience of abnormal pains and unusual sensations in the mouth without a somatic base, for example abnormal mucus secretion, pulling sensation on the jaw or teeth, or a vibrating sensation, is termed 'oral cenesthopathy'. Psychological factors were investigated in terms of cognitive functions and personality tendencies, using Rorschach test in 28 patients with this condition (three men and 25 women). In oral cenesthopathy patients (i) the processing of new information is inefficient; (ii) the… CONTINUE READING

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