Oral and written language in a case of childhood phonemic deafness.

  title={Oral and written language in a case of childhood phonemic deafness.},
  author={Gianfranco Denes and S Balliello and Virginia Volterra and Antonio Pellegrini},
  journal={Brain and language},
  volume={29 2},
Neuropsychologic and neurolinguistic studies performed on an 11-year-old Landau-Kleffner boy are reported. At age 3 his language began to deteriorate progressively until complete disappearance. At the same time, the patient developed epileptic seizures. When 6 years old, he was taught to match objects to the corresponding written word, and subsequently he was able to learn reading and writing to such extent that he could attend primary school. BAER and primary cortical auditory responses were… CONTINUE READING

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