Oral abstracts of the 21st International AIDS Conference 18–22 July 2016, Durban, South Africa

  title={Oral abstracts of the 21st International AIDS Conference 18–22 July 2016, Durban, South Africa},
  author={Adam J. Ericsen and Michael Lauck and Mariel S. Mohns and S Dinapoli and James P Mutschler and J Greene and Jason T. Weinfurter and G Lehrer‐brey and Kristin Crosno and Eric Peterson and M Reynolds and Roger Wiseman and Bernd Burwitz and J. Sacha and Thomas C. Friedrich and Julius Lucius Brenchley and D. O'Connor and C. Xu and T. He and Gs Haret‐richter and Daniela Christin. Franck and B Policicchio and Egidio Brocca-Cofano and D Ma and Jennifer L. Stock and R. Tracy and Alan L. Landay and C. Wilson and Christian Apetrei and I. Pandrea and EB Wong and Bongiwe Z Xulu and Sanjay M. Prakadan and AK Shalek and Ug Lalloo and Prinita Baijnath and Moosa Suleman and Vedanthi Moodley and Mohammed Mitha and Priya Maharaj and Cecilia T. Costiniuk and Monica Nielsen and Zoey Mhlane and F Karim and David Lewinsohn and Thumbi Ndung’u and Alexander O. Pasternak and Jm Prins and Ben Berkhout and L Leon‐fuentes and M Viveros‐rogel and M Vergara‐mendoza and M Rodriguez‐casta{\~n}{\'o}n and A Cardenas‐ochoa and Andrea Tello-Mercado and Claudia Vega and J Sierra‐Madero and Luis Enrique Soto-Ram{\'i}rez and Santiago Perez-Patrigeon and T Hensley‐mcbain and Ryan K Cheu and Jennifer A. Manuzak and Alexander S. Zevin and C. Miller and E Lee and C. Wilson and Adam D. Burgener and N Klatt and C Mellins and Ej Abrams and Curtis Dolezal and Patricia Warne and Katherine S Elkington and Amelia Bucek and C.-S. Leu and Mhairi Maskew and J{\'o}zsef B{\'o}r and Wendell MacLeod and Sergio Carmona and Gayle G Sherman and Mp Fox and Ali Judd and Elizabeth Chappell and Katja Doerholt and Luisa Galli and Catherine Giaquinto and D. M. Gibb and Tessa Goetghebuer and Sophie Le Coeur and Antoni Noguera Juli{\'a}n and Anna Turkova and Ruth L. Goodall and Mary-Ann Davies and Shobna Sawry and S. Phiri and Helena Rabie and Brian Eley and Geoffrey Fatti and Karl-G{\"u}nter Technau and Frank C Tanser and Robin Wood and Janet Giddy and Carolyn Bolton-Moore and C Chimbetete and R. Hazra and Olivia Keiser and Kathryn Lee Stinson and Ij Collins and L. Cluver and Elona Toska and Mark Orkin and Alexa R. Yakubovich and Rebecca Hodes and L. Sherr and Tom Decroo and Bonnie Telfer and Carla das Dores and Balthazar Candrinho and Nayara Siqueira Dos Santos and Alec Mkwamba and Sergio Dezembro and M Jofrisse and Tom Ellman and Carol Ann Metcalf and C F Hanrahan and Valerie Keyser and Sheree R. Schwartz and P Soyizwaphi and Nora S. West and Lillian Mutunga and Joel Steingo and Jean Bassett and Annelies Van Rie and George Abongomera and Adrian D. Cook and Mohammed Lamorde and Chisala Chabala and Victor Musiime and Margaret J Thomason and Veronica Mulenga and Robert L Colebunders and Cissy Kityo and Sarah A Walker and D. M. Gibb and M. P. Fox and Jacob Bor and William B MacLeod and Mhairi Maskew and Alana T. Brennan and Wendy S. Stevens and B Policicchio and K. Raehtz and Tammy Dunsmore and Gs Haret‐richter and Craig Sykes and B Keele and A. T. Kashuba and Roy M. Gulick and Timothy J Wilkin and Y. Q. Chen and R Landovitz and Ronald D' Amico and Alicia M. Young and Paul G. Richardson and Mark A. Marzinke and Craig W. Hendrix and Susan H Eshleman and Ian Michael McGowan and Adriana Andrade and Samantha Hodder and K Klingman and Wairimu Chege and Alex R. Rinehart and John H. Rooney and Philip Andrew and Marybeth Mccauley and KH Mayer and Ian Michael McGowan and Aaron Siegel and Jarret C Engstrom and Alexyi Nikiforov and Kathryn Duffill and S. M. Edick and C Mitchell and David Back and Laura J. Else and Deidre Egan and S. Khoo and Peter E Williams and RM Brand and RD Cranston and Robert M. Grant and Virginia A. Fonner and Michelle Rodolph and Teri J. Liegler and David V. Glidden and Rachel Baggaley and Elizabeth R. Brown and T Palanee‐philips and Mark A. Marzinke and Craig W. Hendrix and C Dezutti and L Soto‐torres and J. M. Baeten and Ayesha B. M. Kharsany and Cherie Cawood and David Khanyile and Anneke C. Grobler and Adrian J Puren and T Kufa‐chakeza and Natasha Samsunder and Janet A. Frohlich and Quarraisha Abdool Karim and Gavin George and Kerusha Govender and Carlos A. Toledo and Zawadi A. Chipeta and Lycias Zembe and Mary T. Glenshaw and Lorna Madurai and Alfred Bere and Varough M. Deyde and Benjamin Riche and David Maman and Sitima Wanjala and Pierre Mendiharat and William Hennequin and Alexandra Vandenbulcke and Irene N Mukui and Fabien Subtil and Ren{\'e} {\'E}cochard and Lise Marty and Françoise Cazein and Josiane Pillonel and Diane Costagliola and Virginie Supervie and Roger Nelson and R. Thompson and Isabelle Casavant and Sherri L. Pals and Juv{\^e}ncio Bonzela and Didier Mugabe and Joseph W. Come and Dawud Ujamaa and Judite Cardoso and Andrew F. Auld and B Maculuve and S Wei and Daniel J Shodell and Duncan MacKellar and Jacob Bor and Alana T. Brennan and Mp Fox and Mhairi Maskew and William B MacLeod and Carmen Helen Logie and C Daniel and Yang Wang and N Bozinoff and Danya Fast and Cathy Long and Thomas Kerr and Wayne Small and Julie Pannetier and Andrainolo Ravalihasy and Monique Le Guen and Nathalie Lydi{\'e} and R Dray‐spira and Nathalie Bajos and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Lert and A Desgress du Lou and C. Kuo and Don Operario and Jaqueline Hoare and Kerry E.W. Underhill and Danielle Giovenco and Millicent Atujuna and Catherine Mathews and Dan Stein and L Brown and Juan Pedro Hecht and Albert H. Plenty and J Lin and Edwin D. Charlebois and Emmy Kageha Igonya and James Ndimbii and A Guise and Fredrick R Owiti and Thea A. Rhodes and S Strathde and Keshab Deuba and Soren Anderson and Amanda Ekstr{\"o}m and Srinath Pandey and Rishi Shrestha and DK Karki and Gaetano Marrone and C Lyons and Daouda Diouf and Fatou Maria Drame and Abo Kouam{\'e} and Rebecca Ezouatchi and Amara Bamba and M Thiam and Benjamin Liestman and Sosthenes Ketende and Stefan David Baral and A Gibbs and Kristin Dunkle and Tracy Khumalo and Nolwazi Ntini and Laura Washington and Nhlanhla C. Mbatha and Esnat D Chirwa and Samantha Willan and Yandisa Sikweyiya and N Jama‐shai and Rachel Jewkes and AK Groves and H. Luz McNaughton Reyes and D Moodley and Suzanne Maman and Leigh A. Bukowski and R Coulter and Nerea Riley and Simon Buehler and Corey Y. Hoffmann and A Gehr‐seloover and Ruth R. Faden and S. Gilbert and Kaitlin M. Sullivan and Jean Cadigan and Carleigh B. Krubiner and Emily Namey and Maggie Little and A. D. Lyerly and Anna C. Mastroianni and Aruna Rao and Stefan David Baral and Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya and Andy Lambert and Zamakayise Kose and Mfezi Mcingana and Cheryl Holland and Sosthenes Ketende and Sheree R. Schwartz and TB Masvawure and Yves Lafort and Sophie Chabeda and Arjee Javellana Restar and Peter Gichangi and James Tocco and Theodorus G. M. Sandfort and Joanne E. Mantell and A Tam and Grace Tumwekwase and Elizabeth Kabunga and Steven Russell and J Seeley and C D Li and Y Q Zhao and H Zhang and Zhuo Cheng and Ping Hong and Xiao Liang and Junjian Gaoshan and L. Li and Kai Tang and MA Carrasco and C Kennedy and Clare Barrington and M Perez and Yeycy Donastorg and Deanna Kerrigan and Kimberly A. Hartson and David C. Sherman and S Mofelehetsi and T Ncheke and M Khasoane and Jp Wong and K Fung and C Hui and Henry Luyombya and Alessandro Bisignano and Dexter Maitland and Kt Poon and At‐w Li and Amaya Gabriela Perez-Brumer and Sally-Beth McLean and Alfonso Silva-Santisteban and Loretta K. Huerta and Robert de la Grecca and KH Mayer and J. Sanchez and J. R. Lama and S Reisner and Oliver Bonnington and Joyce Wamoyi and William Ddaaki and David Bukenya and Frederick S Odongo and M. Skovdal and Estelle M. Mclean and Constance Anesu Nyamukapa and M. Moshabela and A Wringe and S Chapman and N Kayuni Chihana and Elmarie Yoland{\'e} Scheepers and Kathrin Schmitz and Jessica Joseph and K Suggu and Navneeth Hariharan and Godfrey Esiru and Emel Yavuz and J Gross and Betty Mirembe and Kenneth Sherr and A Silvis Rustagi and Sarah Gimbel and Ruth Nduati and Fatima Cuembelo and Assana Ciss{\'e} Kon{\'e} and Carey Farquhar and Judith N Wasserheit and Stephen Gloyd and Caroline De Schacht and Esmie Kamanga and Godfrey Banda and Innocent A Mofolo and Geoffrey S. Mwale and Mwawi Mwale and Janet Chikonda and John Eric Sherman and Jacqueline Rose Chinkonde and Mar{\'i}a Cristina Fr{\'i}as Herce and K. Ng’oma and Tsakani R. Mtileni and I Odongo and Precious Robinson and Mary M. Mogashoa and Sanjana Bhardwaj and Pearl Holele and Yogan Pillay and Ameena Ebrahim Goga and Donald A. Jackson and Chanelle Lombard and Vundli Ramokolo and Nobubelo Ngandu and Gayle G Sherman and Adrian J Puren and Thomas Doherty and Nobuntu Noveve and Trisha Ramraj and Vuyolwethu Magasana and Yagespari Singh and Yogan Pillay and Eug{\`e}ne Kroon and Jinatanat Ananworanich and Komal P Eubanks and Jintana Intasan and Suteeraporn Pinyakorn and Nicolas Chomont and S.R. Lewin and Stacy E. Palmer and Lydie Trautmann and H. Yang and Nitiya Chomchey and Nittaya Phanuphak and Karl Cooper and Prahpan Phanuphak and Maria Jose Silva De Souza and Linda-Gail Bekker and Fatima Laher and Zoe Moodie and G D Tomaras and Nicole Grunenberg and Mary A Allen and Brodie Belinda Daniels and Craig Innes and Kathryn Therese Mngadi and Mookho Malahleha and P. Gilbert and N Michael and S Phogat and Carlos A. Diaz Granados and Niranjan Kanesa-thasan and Lawrence Corey and Glenda Gray and J McElrath and F M Cowan and Calum Davey and Phillis Mushati and Sibongile Mtetwa and Tarisai Chiyaka and Sungai T Chabata and Elizabeth Fearon and Sue Napierala Mavedzenge and Valentina Cambiano and Nyasha Masuka and Milton Chemhuru and Jeffrey Dirawo and Dagmar Hanisch and Karin Hatzold and Owen Mugurungi and Joanna Busza and Andrew Phillips and James R Hargreaves and Sybil G Hosek and R Landovitz and Bret J. Rudy and B Kapogiannis and GK Siberry and Bethany Rutledge and N. Liu and Jennifer Brothers and Cm Wilson and Robertino Mera and Scott McCallister and B Palmer and Gyula Mayer and David Magnuson and Keith Rawlings and D Stieh and Edgar Matias and AJ Fought and PA Marx and R Veazey and Tj Hope and Sinaye Ngcapu and AM Carias and LJ Liebenberg and Lise. Werner and GC Cianci and Michael D. McRaven and S Sibeko and Nj Garrett and Jeanne Kriek and LR McKinnon and S. Abdool Karim and J‐as Passmore and Tj Hope and Kevin D Raehtz and Gs Haret‐richter and C Ling Xu and B Policicchio and C Barrenas and D Ma and Viskam Wijewardana and Egidio Brocca-Cofano and Jennifer L. Stock and Anita M. Trichel and B Keele and J Estes and M G Katze and I. Pandrea and Christian Apetrei and Z Ndhlovu and Themba Nkosi and Nikoshia Mewalal and Nasreen Ismail and Adam Moodley and K Dong and T Ndun'gu and B D Walker and Genevieve E Martin and Nikolaos Pantazis and Miranda G. Hoffmann and Stephen Hickling and Jacob Hurst and Jodi Meyerowitz and CB Willberg and Nicola Robinson and Helen Brown and Martin J Fisher and Sabine Kinloch and Abdel G. Babiker and Jonathan Weber and Nneka Nwokolo and Julie Fox and Sarah Fidler and Rodney Phillips and John Frater and Karin van den Berg and Marion Vermeulen and Thembi Xulu and C McClure and Charlotte Ingram and G Beck and Mars Stone and M. Busch and Brian S Custer and EL Murphy and NHLBI Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study and Nigel J. Garrett and Emily Norman and Villeshni Asari and Nivashnee Naicker and N Majola and Kerry. Leask and Dorina Onoya and Tembeka Sineke and Alana T. Brennan and Mp Fox and Pam Datong and H Jaspan and Sophia Osawe and J Gatei and Julie-Anne Coombs and Katie Muldoon and Ranjeeta Mallick and C. Gray and Ken Rosenthal and D. W. Cameron and Alash ' Le Abimiku and Rebbeca Zash and Sajini Souda and Jean Leidner and Kelebogile Binda and C Hick and K Powis and J. Makhema and Mompati Mmalane and Max Essex and Shahin Lockman and Roger L Shapiro and J. C. Jao and Deborah Kacanek and Pl Williams and Meryl Geffner and EG Livingston and RS Sperling and K Patel and Arlene D. Bardeguez and S K Burchett and Nahida Chakhtoura and Gb Scott and RB Van Dyke and Ej Abrams and Gopalan Narendran and Santhanakrishnan Ramesh Kumar and Chandrasekaran Padmapriyadarsini and N. Gomathi and Patricia Menon and Lakshmanan Sekar and S Devarajulu Reddy and Santosh Chandra and A. Hemanth Kumar and S. Ramesh Kumar and S Sekar and Narayanan Ravichandran and Krishnaraj Raja and Jayabal Lavanya and Rathinam Sridhar and M Lakshmi and Ayyamperumal Mahilmaran and Sudha Swaminathan and Elly Bronney Atuhumuza and Christina Yoon and Jane Katende and Lucy Asege and Sandra Z Mwebe and Alfred Andama and D. W. Armstrong and David W. Dowdy and Moses Kamya and Fc Semitala and Adithya Cattamanchi and Amy Ward and David A. Barr and Charlotte Schutz and Rosie Burton and Andrew Boulle and Gary Maartens and Rj Wilkinson and Graeme Meintjes and R Flick and Katherine R Simon and A Munthali and Andrew Dimba and M H Kim and Peter N Kazembe and Mina C. Hosseinipour and S Ahmed and C. Merle and Sian Floyd and Ahmadou Moustapha Ndiaye and Tatiana Galp{\'e}rine and Andr{\'e} Furco and B P De Jong and Helen McIlleron and J R Glynn and M. Sarr and O Bah‐sow and Dissou Affolabi and on behalf of the Rafa Team and Norbert Br{\"a}u and D. Wyles and Shyam Kottilil and E Darr and Kimberly Workowski and Anne F. Luetkemeyer and O Adeyemi and Peter Ruane and Brian P. Doehle and KC Huang and Anu O. Osinusi and John McNally and Macky Natha and Matthew Guion and Tricia J. McLean and D. M. Brainard and Jg Mchutchison and Susanna Naggie and Mark S. Sulkowski and Erik Mogalian and Anne F. Luetkemeyer and Sarjita Naik and Macky Natha and L Stamm and Anu O. Osinusi and Gong Shen and Karim Sajwani and John McNally and A Mathias and Mg Kouam{\'e} and Raoul Moh and Anders Boyd and Anani Badje and Delphine Gabillard and Jb N’Takp{\'e} and Sarah Maylin and Sp Eholi{\'e} and Xavier Anglaret and Christine Danel and JK Rockstroh and Chloe Orkin and RM Viani and Anne F. Luetkemeyer and Adriano Lazzarin and R Soto‐malave and Mark Nelson and S Bhagani and Hhf Klinker and Giuliano Rizzardini and P. M. Girard and N Shulman and YB Hu and LM Fredrick and Roger Trinh and Edward Gane and Athena P. Kourtis and L X Wang and Jeffrey B Wiener and S Liang and X. Wei and W. Liu and L Chen and Chase Shepard and A. P. Wang and F J Zhang and Marc Bulterys and J‐m Molina and Isabelle Charreau and Bruno Spire and L. Cotte and Julie Chas and Catherine Capitant and Carole Tremblay and D Rojas‐castro and Eric Cua and Augustin. Auteur du texte Pasquet and Camille Bernaud and Willy Rozenbaum and Constance Delaugerre and V{\'e}ronique Dor{\'e} and Soizic Le Mestre and M. C. Simon and Jean François Delfraissy and Louisa A. Meyer and C Hucks‐ortiz and JP Lucas and D. Wheeler and S. Fields and D. Wheeler and S. Fields and L Nelson and Lisa B. Hightow-Weidman and Manya Magnus and Steven Shoptaw and Geetha G. Beauchamp and Lynda Marie Emel and Estelle Piwowar-Manning and Y. Chen and Pm Watkins and J. M. Baeten and Renee Heffron and Lara Kidoguchi and N Mugo and Elly Katabira and E. Bukusi and Stephen B. Asiimwe and Jennifer F Morton and Kenneth Ngure and Nulu Bulya and Josephine Odoyo and E Tindimwemba and Jessica E. Haberer and Mark A. Marzinke and Deborah J Donnell and Connie L Celum and M. Petersen and L. Balzer and D Kwarsiima and Norton Sang and Gabriel Chamie and James Ayieko and Jane Kabami and Asiphas Owaraganise and Florence Mwangwa and Kevin Kadede and Vivek Jain and Albert H. Plenty and Geoff Lavoy and Douglas Black and E. Bukusi and Craig R. Cohen and T. Clark and Edwin D. Charlebois and Moses R. Kamya and Dv Havlir and Asa E. Radix and Pereira Carneiro and S. Stephanos and S. Mosher and Peter Meacher and Uri Belkind and I Evans‐frantz and Finn Brigham and A Fortenberry and Lorraine Comstock and Rona Vail and S. Weiss and Stephanie M Pe{\~n}a and Susan Golub and Robert J. Garofalo and Larry Judson Kuhns and S Reisner and Katie B. Biello and Matthew J. Mimiaga and Steven P Meanley and John F. Egan and D Matthews and Ronald Stall and Gregory A. Bauer and Mehrdad Forth Worth Shokoohi and Roger V. Hammond and AI Scheim and Amy L. Slogrove and Ali Judd and Val{\'e}riane Leroy and Sarisha Naidoo and Benn Sartorius and Hein de Vries and Myra Taylor and Audrey Pettifor and J. Wang and Amanda Selin and J P Hughes and Xavier G{\'o}mez-Oliv{\'e} and R. Wagner and C MacPhail and Kathleen Kahn and L Kann and E. Olsen and T McManus and Stephanie Zaza and Kate Mulligan and Sybil G Hosek and B Kapogiannis and R Landovitz and Ss Cofield and Se Perumean‐chaney and P Havens and C. Wilson and Brandon D L Marshall and J Tate and Kelsey Kramer Mcginnis and David A. Fiellin and KL Bryant and A. C. Justice and S Springer and Marwan Mikheal Azar and Roger W. Barbour and A Krishnan and F Altice and A. DiPaola and AA Baghazal and L Tariko and Khadija S. Shikely and Shem O Patta and B Omar and Helgar Musyoki and S Bertrand and S Abdallah and Jack Stone and Ellen Brooks-Pollock and F Altice and Lyuba Azbel and Pavlo Smyrnov and N Martin and Peter T. Vickerman and Annick B{\'o}rquez and Daniela A Abramovitz and L. David Beletsky and Peter T. Vickerman and P Gonzales‐zu{\~n}iga and Gilberto Jaramillo Rangel and Matthew Hickman and Sa Strathdee and N Martin and Kelli M. Wall and William Kilembe and Bellington Vwalika and L Haddad and Naw Htee Khu and Ir. Dick van Schenk Brill and Cheswa M. Vwalika and E Chomba and Amanda Tichacek and S Allen and Lynae A Darbes and NM McGrath and Mo Johnson and Victoria Hosegood and Katherine Fritz and Thulani Ngubane and Heidi van Rooyen and Allison Ruark and D Brewster‐lee and John Hembling and V Rhoe Davis and Jenny Renju and A Wringe and A. Crampin and Olivier Koole and Cooper Nyirenda and Hazel Namadingo and Estelle M. Mclean and L. Li and L‐j Liang and CQ Lin and Y. Xiao and G. Ji and L Irani and Erin McGinn and M Mellish and Olive Mtema and P Dindi and Richard Imakit and S Ajok and D Talima and A Namakula and H Allen and C Fair and Connie Trexler and Larry D’Angelo and Jonathan James Stadler and Admire Chikandiwa and P Mayaud and Helen V Rees and John C Imrie and Sinead Delany-Moretlwe and T Taylor and Gemma Oberth and Olive Mumba and L Bhayani and A Russell and Francis Mwanza and Maureen Milanga and R Nandelenga and Dorothy Namutamba and C Albert‐hope and Rico Gustav and Y Simon and E. Castellanos and Robert Irwin and IW Holloway and WT Steward and John Clifford Mortimer and P Curtis and Dana Van Gorder and Avery Leibowitz and Severine Morin and C Mulhern‐pearson and Andrea Donnelly and Aj King and A Fox and Craig Pulsipher and D. Evans and G. E. Lemp and Stefan David Baral and E Sullivan and S Kurani and Jennifer Sherwood and Gregg B. Millett and Jack Macallister and Arianna Zanolini and Jenala Chipungu and Samuel Bosomprah and M Mafwenko and Corey W. Holmes and Harsha Thirumurthy and Y. Qin and F H Liu and Weiming Tang and S. Tang and C. Liu and Jingming Mao and W Zhang and Alan J. Taege and Amy S. Nowacki and C Wei and J. Tucker and Claudius Madanhire and El Sibanda and Nancy Ruhode and Karin Hatzold and F M Cowan and SN Mavedzenge and Nangamso C. Manjezi and E Mothibi and N. Shaikh and Oyebola Oyebanji and Ashraf Grimwood and El Sibanda and Mary Tumushime and Juliet Mufuka and Stephano Gudukeya and Sue Napierala Mavedzenge and Sergio Bautista-Arredondo and S McCoy and Nancy Padian and Karin Hatzold and Andrew J. Copas and F M Cowan and G Dougherty and Kiera Clarke and Ruby N. Fayorsey and M Kamonga and Sajida Kimambo and D Lutkam and C Madevu‐matson and Hussein Mtiro and S Msuka and Veronique Mugisha and M Panya and A Ramadhani and J Sipemba and Peris Urasa and Miriam Rabkin and Reuben Granich and S K Gupta and Irene Hall and J Aberle‐grasse and Shannon L. Hader and Jonathan Mermin and Serena P Koenig and Nancy Dorvil and Patrice S{\'e}v{\`e}re and Cynthia Riviere and Mikerlyne Faustin and Christian Perodin and C Paul and Alexandra Apollon and G Saintil and L Duverger and Emelyne Dumont and Bethany L Hedt-Gauthier and Kenneth Hennessey and Vanessa R. Rivera and Jessy G. D{\'e}vieux and J W Pape and Moses Kitheka and Kerrie Lea Curran and P Gathii and Mildred A. Mudany and Stanley Bii and S Ahmed and Mp Fox and Sydney Rosen and Ingrid T. Katz and Frank C Tanser and Diantha Pillay and Till W B{\"a}rnighausen and Duncan MacKellar and Haruka Maruyama and Rachel A. Weber and O Ernest and Sarah E. Porter and J Gikaro and G Alexander and Gerald Kundi and Johnita Byrd and Kokuhumbya J. Kazaura and Deogratius Mbilinyi and Fernando Morales and Jessica Justman and Robina Josiah and Margaret L. McNairy and Matthew R Lamb and Averie Baird Gachuhi and Harriet Nuwagaba-Biribonwoha and Sean Burke and S Mazibuko and Velephi Okello and Peter D Ehrenkranz and Ruben Sahabo and W M El-Sadr and M Dhodho and Marthe Frieden and Amir Shroufi and Esther Wanjiru and Sarah Daho and E. M. Simons and Helen Bygrave and Richard W. Giuliani and A. Torrens and Lucas Molfino and C Silva and Tom Ellman and Alice Magaia and Janneke H. van Dijk and Kamelia Kamenova and Amadeus Shamu and Karolin Pfeiffer and M Hobbins and Jochen Ehmer and Joseph Murungu and Ruanne V. Barnabas and Robert W. Coombs and M. Chang and Torin T. Schaafsma and Stephen B. Asiimwe and Katherine M. Thomas and J. M. Baeten and Connie L Celum and Sikhulile Moyo and Terrence Mohammed and Kathleen E Wirth and Kara Bennett and MP Holme and Lucy Mupfumi and P Sebogodi and NO Moraka and Corretah Boleo and CN Maphorisa and Boitumelo Seraise and Simani Gaseitsiwe and RM Musonda and Erik van Widenfelt and K Powis and Tendani Gaolathe and EJ Tchetgen Tchetgen and J. Makhema and Max Essex and Shahin Lockman and Vladimir A. Novitsky and O Brigstock‐barron and Louise Logan and H Sowerbutts and Virginia Lynn Booth Womack and M Osman and J Anderson and Anthony Nardone and Mykola Pinkevych and Arnold Reynaldi and Christine M. Fennessey and Carolyn Reid and Priyanka Nadella and Leslie Lipkey and Laurie A. Newman and Victor I. Ayala and S. C. Jain and Gregory Q. Del Prete and J. Estes and Dan Ott and J. Lifson and Claes Ohlen and Brandon F. Keele and Miles P. Davenport and R. Kaminski and Wf Hu and Jonathan Karn and Kania Khalili and CW Peterson and J. D. Wang and Patricia S. Polacino and S L Hu and Mc Holmes and Hans-Peter Kiem and Gilda Bozzi and Shannon Watters and Frank L. Simonetti and E Anderson and Robert E. Gorelick and Wei Shao and J Bell and Christy M. Rehm and Randy L. Dewar and Robert Yarchoan and Thomas S. Uldrick and Frank Maldarelli and A. M. J. Wensing and Jl Diez‐martin and G. Thomas Huetter and J{\"u}rgen Kuball and Mi Kwon and Monique Nijhuis and Asier S{\'a}ez-Ciri{\'o}n and V Rocha and Maria Salgado and Julian Schulze zur Wiesch and A. Stam and Javier Martinez-Picado and L Huang and Wei-hong Lai and L. Zhu and C‐h Chen and B K Felber and X. Hu and Antonio Valentin and Frances Dayton and Y. Cai and Margherita Rosati and Candido Alicea and N Sardesai and Rishi Gautam and MA Martin and J. Mullins and G N Pavlakis and CK Koofhethile and Z Ndhlovu and C Thobakgale and J. G. Prado and Nasreen Ismail and Zenele Mncube and Lungile Mkhize and Mary van der Stok and Nonhlanhla Yende and B D Walker and Pjr Goulder and Thumbi Ndung’u and Sinikithemba Cohort and MJ Worley and AD Kelleher and S Kent and Aw Chung and SG Okala and D. King and Robin J. Shattock and T. He and B Policicchio and Egidio Brocca-Cofano and Jennifer L. Stock and C. Xu and Kevin D Raehtz and Thaidra Gaufin and Rishi Gautam and I. Pandrea and Christian Apetrei and Geetha H. Mylvaganam and Sakeenah L. Hicks and Benton Lawson and Melon Nega and Vijayakumar Velu and R. Ahmed and G. J. Freeman and R. R. Amara and SJ Steele and Gemma Arellano and Tom Ellman and Amir Shroufi and Gilles van Cutsem and C. Oldenburg and Tinofa Mutevedzi and Maryam Shahmanesh and George R. Seage and Victor De Gruttola and Matthew J. Mimiaga and KH Mayer and Js Currier and Paula Britto and R Hoffman and Sean S. Brummel and Gaerolwe Masheto and Esau Custodio Joao and B R Santos and Linda Aurpibul and M Losso and MF Pierre and Adriana Weinberg and Nahida Chakhtoura and Robert Browning and Anne S Coletti and David Shapiro and Jose Henrique Pilotto and Paula Munderi and E Were and Anchalee Avihingsanon and P Abena Messomo Mbida and Lerato J. Mohapi and BM Samba and M Jansen and Perry Mohammed and Gosford A. Sawyerr and Priscilla Barnes and Yvon van Delft and E Laker Agnes Odongpiny and Damalie Nalwanga and Arvind Kaimal and Agnes N. Kiragga and Sm Nabaggala and Barbara Castelnuovo and Rosalind Parkes-Ratanshi and Lynda Stranix-Chibanda and Sean S. Brummel and Konstantia Angelidou and Camlin Tierney and Anne S Coletti and Katie McCarthy and Jose Henrique Pilotto and Mercy Mutambanengwe and Vongai Chanaiwa and T Mhembere and Moreen Kamateeka and Gaerolwe Masheto and Rachel Chamanga and Miriam Maluwa and Sherika Hanley and Esau Custodio Joao and Gerard B Theron and A Chandawale and Musa Nyathi and B R Santos and Linda Aurpibul and Mwangelwa Mubiana-Mbewe and R Oliveira and Michael T Basar and Nahida Chakhtoura and Renee S Browning and Js Currier and M G Fowler and J‐m Molina and Birgit Grund and Fred M. Gordin and Ian Williams and Marcos C Schechter and M Losso and Mg Law and Eunice Ekong and Noluthando Mwelase and Athanassios Skoutelis and M J Wiselka and L. Vanderkerckhove and T Benfield and D Munroe and J D Lundgren and Alejandro Arenas-Pinto and S Sharma and Esteban Mart{\'i}nez and Nathan W. Cummins and Julie Fox and K Klingman and Dalibor Sedl{\'a}{\vc}ek and Simon Collins and PM Flynn and Wm Chasanov and Eynat Kedem and Christine Katlama and J Sierra‐Madero and Vidar Ormaasen and P Brouwers and D. Cooper and JE Lake and Benoit Trottier and Julia Garcia-Diaz and Herb Edelstein and P Kumar and U. Fritz Bredeek and M. S. Loutfy and Clare A. Brennan and Justin A Koteff and Brian R. Wynne and Judy Hopking and Michael Aboud and D Kerrigan and Andrea Mantsios and David A. Margolis and Madison Murray and Catherine Orrell and Debbie P Hagins and Elena Belonosova and Norma Porteiro and S L Walmsley and Vicenç Falc{\'o} and Choy Y. Man and Alicia Aylott and Annie Buchanan and Brian R. Wynne and Cindy Vavro and Michael Aboud and K. Smith and David A. Margolis and Daniel Podzamczer and HJ Stellbrink and Thomas A. Lutz and J Angel and Gary J. Richmond and Bonaventure Clotet and F{\'e}lix Guti{\'e}rrez and Louis Sloan and Sam Griffith and Michael St. Clair and David Dorey and S Ford and Joseph M. Mrus and H Crauwels and K. Smith and Peter E Williams and William R. Spreen and BR Bavinton and Nittaya Phanuphak and Fengyi Jin and Iryna B Zablotska and Beatriz Grinsztejn and G Prestage and A E Grulich and Clotilde Couderc and Bintou Demb{\'e}l{\'e} Keita and Camille Anoma and A. Wade and Alphonse Ou{\'e}draogo and Alou Coulibaly and Sylvain Ehouman and AK Diop and Modeste Somda and Yves Roger Yomb and Emilie Henry and Bruno Spire and Christian Laurent and R Mendizabal‐burastero and C Galindo‐arandi and MP Yancor and I Vela and Jm Aguilar‐martinez and Gabriela Paz-Bailey and Brooke E. Hoots and Ming Xia and Teresa J. Finlayson and Jonathan E. Prejean and David Purcell and Lisa B. Hightow-Weidman and Geetha G. Beauchamp and Christopher B. Hurt and Steven Shoptaw and Estelle Piwowar-Manning and L Nelson and Leigh Wilton and Pm Watkins and S. Fields and D. Wheeler and C Tong and Marie Suzan-Monti and Luis Sagaon-Teyssier and O Ossanga and Christian Laurent and Gwena{\"e}lle Maradan and A. I. A. Ambani and Laurent Vidal and Bruno Spire and S Boyer and Roger Aidoo Phillip and Tinashe Mudzviti and Tinei Shamu and Natella Y Rakhmanina and B Corrigan and Judith Kose and Kerry Manson and Cathy Cawley and Samuel Oji Oti and Brian Njamwea and Amek Nyaguara and Felix Hayara Odhiambo and Fo Otieno and Muthoni Njage and Tara Shoham and Kingsley D. Church and Jim Todd and Basia Zaba and Stela Bivol and V Catranji and Liliana Caraulan and Jonathan Paul Lucas and Shelly Karuna and Kathy Hinson and Nirupama Deshmane Sista and Ntando Yola and Fanelesibonge Ntombela and Nyaradzo M. Mgodi and Nozipho Luthuli and Sheena Wakefield and Erin Greene and Sinead Delany-Moretlwe and Glenda Gray and R. White and S McCoy and Prosper F. Njau and Cathy Fahey and Nancy L. Czaicki and Ntuli A Kapologwe and Suneetha Kadiyala and William Dow and Nigel John Jewell and N Jagessar and L Papua and E Ndunda and M‐L Wijne and Sonja Hendriks and Nomhle Khoza and Jonathan James Stadler and C MacPhail and Admire Chikandiwa and Haley Brahmbhatt and Sinead Delany-Moretlwe and Elona Toska and L. Cluver and M. Boyes and Maya Isaacsohn and Rebecca Hodes and Mzantsi Wakho Cohort Study and L Gauer Bermudez and Louise Jennings and Fred M. Ssewamala and Proscovia Nabunya and C Mellins and Maxine McKay and Thomas P. Fagan and Chipo Zulu and W Zeng and Vishnu Sudheer Menon and Eline L Korenromp and Markus Haacker and M Turay and Kennedy Rotich and Marelie Strauss and T Barihuta and Iris Semini and John Stover and A‐M Nitschke and Norbert Forster and Nana Kwabena Poku and A Dutta and Catherine Barker and Laura Lazar and A Grosso and Gregg B. Millett and Brian Honermann and Jennifer Sherwood and Jack Macallister and Kyle Lindsey and Chourasia Ramesh Chandra and Susan Blumenthal and C Lyons and Stefan David Baral and E Donaldson and Deepak Mattur and K Fisher and Thomas M. Harmon and P Harrison and JA Izazola‐Licea and A Naeveke and Mitchell Warren and Erin McGinn and M Mellish and Olive Mtema and P Dindi and Sophie Faye and Ben Johns and Elaine M Baruwa and Kathy Ambrose and IV Bassett and Ting Hong and P. K. Drain and Sabina M. Govere and Hilary Thulare and Meighan L. Krows and Mohamed-Yunus S Moosa and Bright Mhlongo and Dara H. Wexler and M. Huang and Simone C. Frank and Emily P. Hyle and R Parker and Andrew Mukuye and N Lukoda and Bud Crandall and Hayley Bryant and Eul{\`a}lia Cladellas Oliveras and E Colua and Edmore Marinda and J C Campbell and Katrina Gustafson and P Jalan and Bora Ngauv and Samreth Sovannarith and Anissa Wilhelm and Seng Sopheap and Chan Vichea and Caroline Middlecote and LP Sun and Botshelo T. Kgwaadira and Thabo Katlholo and Lena Fiebig and Rosanna Boyd and M Wame and Liliane Mfeukeu Kuat{\'e} and Dessie Agegnehu and Wame Dikobe and Nalinee Sangrujee and Chipo Petlo and Bornapate Nkomo and Ava Avalos and Marilyn E. Skiles and H. Phillips and Tadesse Wuhib and Alyssa Finlay-Vickers and Peter Stegman and Katharine Kripke and Emmanuel Njeuhmeli and Julia L. Samuelson and Melissa Schnure and Shona Dalal and Timothy L. Farley and Cole Hankins and Alyssa Thomas and Jason Bailey Reed and Naomi Bock and Isabelle Durand-zaleski and Pierre Mutuon and Isabelle Charreau and C Temblay and Daniela Rojas and Julie Chas and Christian Chidiac and Catherine Capitant and Bruno Spire and Louisa A. Meyer and J‐m Molina and Anrs Ipergay and PM Luz and Benjamin Osher and Beatriz Grinsztejn and RL MacLean and Elena Losina and CJ Struchiner and R Parker and K A Freedberg and F Mesquita and R P Walensky and V G Veloso and A. David Paltiel and Toshikazu Shiino and Jiro Hattori and Kenji Sadamasu and Mami Nagashima and Atsuko Hachiya and Wataru Sugiura and Kazusa Yoshimura and Manuel Villaran and Audrey Brezak and S Ahmed and Amanda Ulrich and Alvan E. Duerr and Joshua T. Herbeck and J. Mullins and Edmund Y. W. Seto and E Morgan and Albertha Nyaku and Richard T D'Aquila and John A Schneider and Tulio de Oliveira and Phumzile. Khumalo and Cherie Cawood and Rachael C. Dellar and Frank C Tanser and Gillian Hunt and Anneke C. Grobler and Ayesha B. M. Kharsany and Quarraisha Abdool Karim and S. Abdool Karim and Bhavna Hora and Naila Gulzar and Y. Chen and Fangping Cai and Chang Su and K. N. Karagiannis and K. Smith and Vyacheslav Simonyan and Saleem T. Shah and M Ahmed and A. Mart{\'i}n S{\'a}nchez and M. Cohen and B Haynes and Rony Mazumder and Tn Denny and Feng Gao and James G Hakim and Aj Szubert and A Siika and Jane E Mallewa and Clara A Agutu and S L Pett and Mutsa Bwakura-Dangarembizi and Abbas Lugemwa and Symon Kaunda and Mercy Jelagat Karoney and Kathryn Maitland and Anna Griffiths and Peter Mugyenyi and A. Prendergast and A Sarah Walker and D. M. Gibb and Aj Szubert and Sheila Kabahenda and S Mwaringa and S L Pett and Anna Griffiths and Simon Wachira and Godfrey Musoro and Chathurika Rajapakse and Timothy J. Etyang and James Abach and Priscilla Wavamunno and Linda Nyondo-Mipando and Andrew Reid and Kusum J. Nathoo and D. M. Gibb and A Sarah Walker and Pedro E. Cahn and Richard Kaplan and Paul E. Sax and K Squires and J‐m Molina and Anchalee Avihingsanon and Winai Ratanasuwan and Evelyn Rojas and Mohammed S Rassool and X. Xu and Anthony J. Rodgers and Sandy Rawlins and B Nguyen and R Leavitt and Hedy Teppler and Pedro E. Cahn and MJ Rol{\'o}n and M Figueroa and Ana Gun and Patricia Patterson and Omar Sued and VV Patel and Shruta Rawat and Corina Leluțiu-Weinberger and Alpana Dange and Chitra R. Kamath and Rakshath G Poojary and Mukesh Chandra Bisht and Samuel J. Golub and Mehwish Jamil and G Prestage and C. K. Fairley and A E Grulich and Ks Smith and M. Z. Chen and Martin Holt and Amy Fox McNulty and BR Bavinton and Dp Conway and Handan C. Wand and P Keen and John Ed Bradley and Johann Kolstee and Colin Batrouney and Duncan Russell and Matthew G Law and J. M. Kaldor and R. Guy and Sheela V. Shenoi and Anthony P. Moll and Jabulile Madi and Vijayanand Guddera and Thuthukani Madondo and Dillon S Turner and Ralph P. Brooks and Tassos C. Kyriakides and Laurie J Andrews and G H Friedland and Harsha Thirumurthy and Sue Masters and Beatrice Obonyo and Suzanne Maman and Eunice Omanga and Kawango Agot and Collins C. Iwuji and Joanna Orne‐Gliemann and Eric Balestre and Joseph Larmarange and Rodolphe Thi{\'e}baut and Frank C Tanser and Nonhlanhla Okesola and T Makowa and Jaco Dreyer and Kobus Herbst and N Mc Grath and Till Barnighausen and S Boyer and Tulio de Oliveira and Claire Rekacewicz and Brigitte Bazin and M.‐L. Newell and Diantha Pillay and F. Dabis and Ej Bernard and P. Nsanda Eba and C{\'e}cile Kazatchkine and Alex M{\"u}ller and Kristen Daskilewicz and Sarah Spencer and Talia Meer and Lillian Artz and Anoop Saha and Caitlyn Grant and Padmakant Patel and Masresha Getahun and Tilly Sellers and TS Ndeogo and J Blantari and E Awotwi and Paula Saunders and Stacy Edwards Outlaw and Derek J. Demeri and John Mccracken and Karen Hagos and Ck King and Virginia Shubert and Demetre C Daskalakis and Daniel Tietz and Mick Harrington and K. Smith and Charles N. Ferrusi and Me Kavanagh and K. Bhardwaj and Clint Tomlinson and Y. Hu and Christine Waterhouse and Lindsay Rutter and Tara Amin and Paravazhi Radhakrishnan and Othoman Mellouk and Lorena Di Giano and K Babikhina and Sergey Golovin and E S M Fonseca and Francisco Ipm Bastos and Aaron Julius Siegler and A. Liu and Katie A. Thure and Rossi Fish and Erin Andrew and Marcy Gelman and Paige Bryan Sullivan and Leila E. Mansoor and KT Mngadi and Carl Montague and Nonhlanhla Yende-Zuma and Halima Dawood and TN Gengiah and Cheryl Baxter and JL. Schwartz and G. Doncel and Fanelesibonge Ntombela and S. Abdool Karim and Martin Wyatt and E Pisarski and Ming Wai Alwin Tam and Edith Nakku-Joloba and TR Muwonge and Elly Katabira and NC Ware and Steven Gibson and Pierre-C{\'e}dric Crouch and J Gagliano and Tatiana Patriarca and J. M. Auerbach and Robert Grant and William Lyon and Catharine Mary Susan Hall and Iryna B Zablotska and R. Guy and Janaki Amin and Christine E. Selvey and Heather-Marie A Schmidt and Karen Price and D Cooper and Kenneth K. Mugwanya and Renee Heffron and C Wyatt and John Kiarie and Elly Katabira and Allan R. Ronald and Cathy Cawley and Sarala Nicholas and Elisabeth Szumilin and Sharon Perry and Isabel Amoros Quiles and Charles Masiku and A Wringe and LF Jefferys and Jonas Hector and M Hobbins and Jochen Ehmer and Nanina Anderegg and SB Shade and W. Chang and Jg Kahn and D Mwai and Florence Mwangwa and Dalsone Kwarisiima and Asiphas Owaraganise and James Ayieko and Dv Havlir and Moses Kamya and Edwin D. Charlebois and M. Petersen and T. Clark and E. Bukusi and Craig R. Cohen and Vivek Jain and Lorraine Pasipamire and Bernhard Kerschberger and Inoussa Zabsonre and Sindiso Ndlovu and Gideon. Sibanda and Samkelo Mamba and S Mazibuko and Nomthandazo Lukhele and SM Kabore and Barbara Rusch and Andrzej Jakubowski and Jane Kabami and D Mwai and Katherine Snyman and M. Petersen and Moses R. Kamya and Andile Nofemela and Cathy D. Kalombo and Catherine Orrell and Landon Myer and Nobubelo Ngandu and J Carlson and Denis Rutendo Chopera and Nonkululeko. Ndabambi and Sarah Goodier and Nigel J. Garrett and Natasha Samsunder and Quarraisha Abdool Karim and S. Abdool Karim and Carolyn Williamson and Morgane Rolland and Sodsai Tovanabutra and G H Kijak and Eric Sanders-Buell and Meera Bose and Chiharu Owen and Lucas Maganga and Sorachai Nitayaphan and Kathleen Rono and A Sekiziyivu and L Eller and J H Kim and N Michael and M L Robb and B Palmer and Charles Preston Neff and S D Li and J. Schneider and Thomas B. Campbell and Catherine A. Lozupone and EH Byrne and MN Anahtar and K. Cohen and A Moodeley and Nikita Padavattan and Nasreen Ismail and Barbara Bowman and GS Olson and Amanda Mabhula and Alasdair Leslie and T Ndung'u and B D Walker and Musie S. Ghebremichael and K Dong and D Kwon and LJ Liebenberg and Af Rositch and A Singh and J‐as Passmore and Shan Martinez and Adriana Campa and Frank Jackson Huffman and J. Makhema and Sikhulile Moyo and O. Dale Williams and Richard G. Marlink and M. Baum and Nicholus Mutenda and Tuli Nakanyala and Ndapewa Hamunime and Tadesse Mekonen and Francina Tjituka and Salomo Natanael and Greatjoy Mazibuko and Samson Mwinga and David Mabirizi and Evans Vidija Sagwa and Helena Walkowiak and A Kiesling and Sofya Aptekar and Michael I. Jordan and S. Y. Hong and In{\'e}s Zapiola and D M Cecchini and Silvina Fern{\'a}ndez Giuliano and M Martinez and CG Rodriguez and MB Bouzas and Natalya Dzissyuk and Asylhan Abishev and Aizhan Zhanpeisova and G Nagashbekova and G Tazhibayeva and B Schramm and V Carnimeo and A. Rakesh and DL Ardiet and Loide Cossa and Olivier Bouchaud and Chakib Alloui and WL Oo and P Gonzales Dias and Irene N Mukui and Willis Omwoyo and Ricardo Manuel and A E de Pedro and Alexander Telnov and Zengani Chirwa and Benson Z. Chilima and Sarala Nicholas and Adolfo Vubil and Laetitia Serrano and Valarie Opolo and Clement Zeh and Martine Peeters and L{\'e}on Salumu and Isabel Amoros and Jean François Etard and M. Rodriguez and Suna Balkan and Jacquelyn Kay Thompson and A Sarah Walker and James G Hakim and Andrew Kambugu and JJ van Oosterhout and A Siika and Aggrey Mweemba and Peter van den Eede and Dt Dunn and Nicholas Iain Paton and for the Earnest Trial Team and Alberto D{\'i}az and J L Casado and Fernando Dronda and Cristina G{\'o}mez-Ayerbe and M. J. Vivancos and Sara Ba{\~n}{\'o}n and Carmen Quereda and Sergio Serrano and Alberto Moreno and Enrique Navas and Maiti Celina Rodriguez and M. J. P{\'e}rez-El{\'i}as and Santiago Moreno and Cherie Cawood and David Khanyile and Lorna Madurai and WB Macleod and Nicole Fraser and Jacob Bor and Zara Shubber and Sergio Carmona and Marelize Gorgens and Sikhulile Moyo and KP Kotokwe and Mompati Mmalane and Nigel Bruce Khan and R Wang and Kathleen E Wirth and EJ Tchetgen Tchetgen and Tuli Nakanyala and Sv Patel and Souleymane Sawadogo and A. P. Maher and KM Banda and Adam Wolkon and Shaan Chaturvedi and Patience Luphala and AM‐A Agovi and MR Chipadze and Charity Ntema and Dimitri Prybylski and I Mabuku and Dw Lowrance and Ndapewa Hamunime and Simon Agolory and William Mcfarland and Aj Rodger and F. Lampe and William J. Burman and A Gruhlich and G Friedland and W M El-Sadr and James D. Neaton and Sd Emery and Giulio Maria Corbelli and J‐m Molina and Chloe Orkin and J. M. Gatell and Jan Gerstoft and Kiat Ruxrungtham and Monica Barbosa de Souza and Andrew Phillips and Nyasha Masuka and TP Goverwa‐Sibanda and T Maphosa and ES Tshuma and Wisdom Kurauone and K Ngarivume and Titus Wanyama Masungo and RW Carroll and Paola Greiger-Zanlungo and George Blick and Anthony Raw and Ishtar Lakhani and Duduzile. Dlamini and A Munthali and Blessings Chinsinga and John Kadzandira and Bagrey Ngwira and Francis Masiye and Blessings N. Kaunda-Khangamwa and Anna Maria Torriente and M. Licata and Simphiwe Mabhele and Antonino Virga and C{\'e}dric Nininahazwe and N Ndayizeye and JD Kabanga and The Link Up project and Anne L. Stangl and Digvijay Singh and Bertram C. A. Windle and Kirsty Sievwright and Katherine H A Footer and Alexandrina Iovita and Sarah Mukasa and Stefan David Baral and S. Davis and Maxine Barton Hart and C Euz{\'e}bio de Lima and David de Castro and M Elizabeth de Lima Pereira and D Ferreira Santana and Pedro Nazareth Aguiar and Leighton Montgomery Myers and Helen Hajiyiannis and T Motuba and Richard Delate and Lusanda Mahlasela and Katie B. Biello and Julia Coffey-Esquivel and Marvin E Belzer and Patrick Sullivan and M J Mimiaga and Steve Oleson and S Taylor and Lefty Kreh and KH Mayer and Rusty Souleymanov and D. J. Brennan and Nathan J. Lachowsky and Sophia Fantus and Andre Ceranto and Rh Remien and Reuben N Robbins and Hetta Gouse and John Rowe and Michelle Henry and Landon Myer and John A. Joska and A Mathias and Laurel Abreu and Tulio Magalh{\~a}es Zampieri and Ana Lucia Spiassi and Evans Gutierrez and War War Tun and PP Aung and Ashish Bajracharya and Eileen A Yam and Craig T. Ryan and SM Oo and ZW Thein and AK Paing and Neil Pasricha and L. Willenberg and Paul P. Agius and T. H. Sein and Sai Thu Rein Htun and NZ Latt and Stanley Luchters and Lung Vu and Julie Pulerwitz and Brady Zieman and Jerry Okal and Link Up Project and A Anderson and Erin Stern and T Mokganyetji and Dumisani Rebombo and C MacPhail and N Khoza and Sarah Treves-Kagan and Amanda Selin and D. Keith Peacock and Audrey Pettifor and Sheri A. Lippman and Kathleen Kahn and Rhian Twine and Tracy L. McClair and Tarik Hossain and N Sultana and Eileen A Yam and Brady Zieman and Sajid Hossain and Reena Yasmin and Nabila Sadiq and Alina Carter and Saara Greene and Cole Hankins and LA Brotto and Deborah M. Money and Mary H Kestler and Savannah Patterson and N O'Brien and Kate Salters and Erin Ding and Kath Webster and Valerie Nicholson and M. F. Garcia Sanchez and M.-C. Desbiens and Dani{\`e}le Dubuc and Sy-Hong Lin and R S Hogg and Alexandra de Pokomandy and Mona Loutfy and Angela Kaida and Chiwos Research Team and Admire Chirowodza and D. Williams and Candice Michelle Diergaardt and Olatunji O. Adetokunboh and Situ Gede and N Gobodo and Nomvuyiso Theorin Makeleni and Noxolo Tuswa and Melvin L. Eckard and Terrence O’rie and Ntiyiso Shingwenyana and Barak Green and Ilesanmi Olowolabi Oluwatimilehin and Dylan Jacobs and Raymond Mabuse and Tyron Maartens and Freck Dikgale and J. Sithole and Ananthy Thambinayagam and J. G. Ndirangu and William Leonard and Diane Uwamahoro and Theophila Uwacu and Aline Christelle Ishimwe and A Mutaganzwa and E Chang and JD Ngirabega and D. Mwakangalu and M. A. Nzaro and Y Mwamzandi and BS Mwero and Jones Makori and R Mlongo and A. Bunu and S Kegoli and Alice Njoroge and John Motoku and Crispin N Muriithi and Immaculate Mutisya and Edgar B. Cale and Jason Gorman and Nathan A. Radakovich and Gabriel Ozorowski and Ema T. Crooks and Keiko Osawa and Mangaiarkarasi Asokan and N.A. Doria-Rose and Andrew B. Ward and P. D. Kwong and J M Binley and J. R. Mascola and Sunil Ranasinghe and Pedro Alberto Lamothe-Molina and Damien Z. Soghoian and Sydney Kaizer and Michael Cole and Alex K. Shalek and Namvar Yosef and B Jones and M. Carrington and Hendrik Streeck and David Kaufmann and Les Picker and John W. Kappler and Takafira Mduluza and Sheron Dzoro and Kaveri Bedi and WS Mpoloka and Jacques Dutrieux and Ghizlane Maarifi and Douglas Barbosa Portilho and Nathalie Arhel and MK Chelbi-Alix and S{\'e}bastien Nisole and S Chen and J. Tang and Z W Chen and Amanda Mocroft and Ac Achra and Mj Ross and Lene Ryom and Anchalee Avihingsanon and Elżbieta Bąkowska and W H Belloso and A. Clarke and Hansjakob Furrer and Gm Lucas and Matti Ristola and Mohammed S Rassool and Jonathan Ross and Charurut Somboonwit and C Wyatt and Tongai Gibson Maponga and H A Vermeulen and Barbara Robertson and Soenke Burmeister and Wolfgang Preiser and M. Kew and Marko Andersson and Amelia Bucek and C.-S. Leu and S Benson and Patricia Warne and Ej Abrams and KS Elkington and Curtis Dolezal and A. Wiznia and C Mellins and JC Mogambery and Halima Dawood and Douglas P K Wilson and A Moodley and Bel{\'e}n Alejos and Victoria Hernando and Julia Del Amo and Rafael Rubio and Marta Montero and Mar{\'i}a Rivero and José Hernández-Quero and Roberto Muga and F{\'e}lix Guti{\'e}rrez and Santiago Moreno and Coris and Mosepele Mosepele and Lucky Mokgatlhe and PF Hudson and Virginia Letsatsi and Robert Gross and Irene Nyaboke and V Pengo and Stella Ojuok and M Athiambo and Edward Odhiambo Okello and Fredrick O Otieno and Rebeca M. Plank and R C Bailey and M Little and A Fox and Kawango Agot and Jonathan M. Grund and Edward Mboya and Paul Musingila and Eunice Omanga and Donath Emusu and Elijah Odoyo-June and Spala Oduor Ohaga and B Otieno-nyunya and Q. Awori and R. Lee and P. Li and Desterio Ouma and Nereah Obura and Millicent Oundo and David Mwamkita and Betty Chirchir and Mukhaye Barasa and Michael Kirui and Paul Macharia and Jairus Oketch and Patrick Otiende and Nixon Nyangweso and Mary Maina and Nicholas Kiswi and M. Goldstein and Jared Nyanchoka and M. Barone and Michelle R. Kaufman and Kayleigh van Dam and Karin Hatzold and Lynn M. Van Lith and Gertrude Ncube and Gissenge J. I. Lija and Collen Bonnecwe and Webster Mavhu and Catherine Kahabuka and Kim Seifert-Ahanda and Arik Marcell and Melissa Figueroa and Emmanuel Njeuhmeli and Aaron A. R. Tobian and Fredrick Adera and Michael Young and Timothy Adipo and Sherry K. Nordstrom and Shalina Mehta and R C Bailey and R Scott McClelland and J. Lingappa and G John‐Stewart and John Kinuthia and Krista Yuhas and Walter Jaoko and Sujatha Srinivasan and KN Mandaliya and Tl Fiedler and MM Munch and B A Richardson and Julie M. Overbaugh and DN Fredricks and M. Decker and Christine M. Tomko and E. M. Wingo and Sarah M. Peitzmeier and Audrey Sawyer and Nancy E Glass and Susan G. Sherman and Ariane van der Straten and MK Shapley‐Quinn and Krishnaveni Reddy and H. Cheng and Juliane Etima and K Woeber and Petina Musara and Thesla Palanee-Phillips and J. M. Baeten and E H Montgomery and MTN‐020/ASPIRE Study Team and Brendan Maughan-Brown and Marketa Evans and Gavin George and M P Rosenberg and Audrey Pettifor and Rhian Twine and J P Hughes and F Xavier Gomez-Olive and R. Wagner and Amanda Selin and C MacPhail and Kathleen Kahn and Deborah Baron and Songqing Ju and G E Gray and Mosa Moshabela and David Bukenya and Gabriel Darong and Joyce Wamoyi and T Zuma and Jenny Renju and Constance Anesu Nyamukapa and Oliver Bonnington and J Seeley and V Hoosegood and Carolyn M Audet and Sizzy Ngobeni and R. Wagner and S Abdallah and F Ibrahim and M Kirimo and Aisha A Mongi and Jordi Valero Baya and M Shossi and Aissa Omar and Sinazo Onela Nomsenge and A. D. Thomas and Graeme Hoddinott and Gabriela Carolus and Vince Bond and and On behalf of HPTN 071 (PopART) Study Team and Freeman Dube and M Dube and Amon Mpofu and Tapuwa Magure and Isaac Taramusi and Cdp Montalvo Pacahuala and Troy Stratton and Ren{\'e}e Masching and Aj King and Colin A. Aspin and J Nyakerario Omare and Anastasia M. Kituku and Estelle M. Mclean and Jenny Renju and David Bukenya and William Ddaaki and Kingsley D. Church and Alpha Network and Peter Barron and Jane Sebidi and Antoinette Fernandes and O Adeyemi and Salome C Erekaha and E. Ogum and Fadimatu Yunusa and H E Swomen and Amit Barde and Chimelu Chime and Irene Ebagua and Nadia Adjoa Sam-Agudu and J Ditekemena Dinanga and MM Gill and Aim{\'e} Loando and Cady Nyombe and J Bakwalufu and Nana Mbonze and Franck Fwamba and Vicky Ilunga and Rhoderick Machekano and Tamsin K. Phillips and Kirsty Brittain and Ej Abrams and Allison Zerbe and Agnes Ronan and Rh Remien and Guenther Prof Dr-Ing Woelk and Mp Kieffer and Daphne Mpofu and Ronald Cathcart and B Azizuyo and Andrea Mantsios and Catherine Shembilu and Jessie Kazeni Kilonzo Mbwambo and Samweli Likindikoki and Sam Wilson Beckham and Ard Mwampashi and Annette Leddy and Noya Galai and W. Davis and D Kerrigan and Tim Duck and Christine E. Selvey and Bonnie Telfer and Hma Schmidt and Karen Price and Phillip Keen and M. O. Cec{\'i}lio and Jo Holden and Ravipa Vannakit and Jureeporn Jantarapakde and Supabhorn Pengnonyang and S Jitjang and Rena Janamnuaysook and Tippawan Pankam and Deondara Trachunthong and Kanitta Pussadee and Ratchadej Reankhomfu and Danai Lingjongrat and Surang Janyam and Thitiyanun Nakpor and Prattana Leenasirimakul and Tanate Jadwattanakul and Santiago Dom{\'i}nguez Noriega and Sutinee Charoenying and T Sattayapanich and A Arunmanakul and Prahpan Phanuphak and Mark S. 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  journal={Journal of the International AIDS Society},
Within the first weeks of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, virus replication reaches systemic circulation. Despite the critical, causal role of virus replication in determining transmissibility and kinetics of disease progression, there is limited understanding of the conditions required to transform a small localized transmitted founder population into a large and heterogeneous systemic infection. 
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