Oral Sustained Release of a Hydrophilic Drug Using the Lauryl Sulfate Salt/Complex.

  title={Oral Sustained Release of a Hydrophilic Drug Using the Lauryl Sulfate Salt/Complex.},
  author={Yuuki Kasashima and K. Yoshihara and T. Yasuji and K. Sako and S. Uchida and N. Namiki},
  journal={Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={64 9},
The objective of this study was to establish the key factor of the lauryl sulfate (LS) salt/complex for sustained release of a hydrophilic drug at various physiological pH levels. Mirabegron is a hydrophilic drug that exhibits pH-dependent solubility. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) bound to mirabegron in a stoichiometric manner. The formation of the LS salt/complex significantly reduced mirabegron solubility and helped achieve sustained release of mirabegron over a wide range of pH levels. In… Expand
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