Oracles on “Advertising”: Searching for a Definition

  title={Oracles on “Advertising”: Searching for a Definition},
  author={Jef I. Richards and Catharine M. Curran},
  journal={Journal of Advertising},
  pages={63 - 77}
Abstract Traditional definitions of advertising include a series of elements that distinguish the field from others. Each innovation in communication has been used for advertising, and in some way, each has changed advertising, which in turn has changed the set of elements used in its definition. However, there are or should be some essential elements that determine whether an activity is advertising. Unfortunately, a discussion identifying these elements is lacking in the marketing and… 

If Advertising Won't Die, What Will It Be? Toward a Working Definition of Advertising

Answering recent calls for a new definition of advertising, we identify three dynamics—(new) media and formats, (new) “consumer” behaviors, and extended effects of advertising—that drive the

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A large amount of research in advertising utilizes theories from other disciplines and simply uses an advertising message as a stimulus or focal content topic. The actual elements that make

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Abstract With advertising practice and research changing significantly in the last decade, it is likely that the definition of advertising also needs some transformation. Rather than broadening the


In the current business world with a large variety of goods and services, advertising is becoming one of the most important instruments of existing and potential customers’ and visitors’ information,

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This paper is about clarifying the meaning of two concepts: mobile advertising and mobile marketing. The aim is to find a term that covers the essential elements of mobile commercial communication,

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Abstract Covert advertisements, or those that utilize the guise and delivery mechanisms of familiar non-advertising formats, differ from other more direct forms of advertising in several ways that

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I review the changing advertising landscape and suggest that the definition of advertising has inherently changed. Using the current advertising context, I develop research questions that consumer

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This study examines a new concept, “intangible advertising,” in advertising theory. Unresolved questions on advertising effectiveness and obstacles such as, TV’s high costs make it important to study


The article analyzes the current approaches to the definition of "advertising" and proposes to interpret advertising on the basis of a substantial approach as a communicative activity of a motivating nature, which aims to draw attention to the object of advertising for mutual exchange.

Factors That Influence the Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising: The Case of SMS

This paper attempts to identify factors in the field of SMS advertising through an empirical survey of advertisers that may impact the effectiveness of the SMS advertising communication: campaign strategy, targeting, creative development, and source.



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Abstract Mass media advertising as we know it today is on its deathbed, and its prognosis is poor. Advertising agencies are restructuring to accommodate a harsher advertising climate, agency income

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Traditionally marketing as it is perceived all over the Western world is based on definitions agreed on in the US by the American Marketing Association and presented in American textbooks. This

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Direct marketing When businesses and non-profit organizations market their products, services or causes directly to consumers based on consumer interests. Examples include catalogs and other postal

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Marketing in business is the task of finding and stimulating buyers for a firms's output, while progressive firms also develop new products and chart the trends and changes in people's needs and desires.

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As a prelude to offering a new definition of the term direct marketing, the recent debates on broadening the domain of marketing and broadening the domain of direct marketing are examined and the


  • H. Sexton
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    The American Journal of Dental Science
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on advertising, I will give you my ideas regarding it. These ideas have been developed and confirmed in my mind during the nine years I have practiced. Experience is everywhere recognized as a

A conceptual definition of direct marketing

The purpose of this article is to inspire critical thinking about what constitutes direct marketing. To accomplish this, we discuss problems with the prevailing current definition and present a new